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Student Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held in 2018
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Student Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held in 2018

SCUN is apicturesque place filled with laughter in June. On the morning of the 22nd, thecommencement and degree awarding ceremony for students in 2018 was held in theindoor stadium. 6744 undergraduates, masters and doctoral graduates bidfarewell to their alma mater. Li Xuefeng, Deputy Director of the Department ofEducation and Technology of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, school leaderslike Bian Jing, Li Jinlin, Bai Jiangyuan, Duan Chao, Zhao Xiaoshan, Li Junjie,Du Dongyun, Han Yesheng and Qiao Junjie, and heads of colleges and relatedfunctional departments attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by VicePresident Li Junjie.

Student Commencementand Degree Awarding Ceremony Held in 2018. Photographed by Zhao Kaiwen

After playing andsinging the national anthem, President Li Jinlin expressed congratulations tothe 2018 graduates on behalf of SCUN and gave an ardent message “answer theexamination paper of new age well”: We must be diligent in learning, alwaysmaintain a strong desire for knowledge, regard learning as a spiritual pursuitand a way of life, and courageously advance towards the established goals tomake a difference in life; We must be good at discernment, open up the wisdomof future career with clear and decisive thinking, carefully select and makedecisions and practice, and bloom youthful radiance in passionate struggle; Wemust be courageous to take responsibility, and be responsible to yourself,family, society and the country; We must be loyal to original will, aspire to alofty goal, share the fate with the times and the nation. We must fulfill ourdreams in a lively practice and contribute to wisdom and strength for the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

President Li Jinlinsent a message to graduates. Liao Yingna

Gao Feng, AssociateProfessor of School of Foreign Languages, made a speech on behalf of teachers.He encouraged all graduates to have a dream, cherish the time, work hardtowards their goals, and enjoy a valuable and meaningful life. Ou Jianbo,Chairman of Student Union from College of Computer Science who was enrolled in2015, spoke on behalf of students and hoped that the seniors would have abright future and that they would not forget their original will in the futurelife. Liu Yinan, Graduate Representative from College of Life Sciences,sincerely thanked alma mater for its cultivation and determined to uphold thespirit of “religiousness, curiousness, nature andtolerance” and take up the responsibility of the youngpeople and work hard to repay the society and alma mater.

Gao Feng, AssociateProfessor of School of Foreign Languages, made a speech on behalf of teachers. Photographed by Chen Jing

Ou Jianbo, a studentenrolled in College of Computer Science in 2015, made a speech on behalf ofstudents. Photographed by Li Chunli

Liu Yinan, GraduateRepresentative from College of Life Sciences, sincerely thanked alma mater forits cultivation. Photographed by Chen Jing

Bai Jiangyuan,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, read the “Decision onAppointing“Members of Grade Alumni” and “Alumni LiaisonOfficers” for Alumni of 2018 Graduates, and Duan Chao,Chairman of the Academic Degrees Assessment Committee and Vice President, readthe degree awarding documents.

Leaders presentedissued graduation certificates to graduate representatives, gave letters ofappointment for “Members of Grade Alumni” and “Alumni LiaisonOfficers”, and subsequently saluted to graduaterepresentatives and awarded degree certificates.

The students sangthe school song together. Photographedby Zhao Kaiwen

Parents also came toattend their children's graduation ceremony. Photographed by Liao Yingna

Leave this moment.Photographedt by Li Chunli

In the end, teachersand students on the spot watched the graduation commemorative short film “Youth, Start Again” to recall memoriesof four years of university life.

After the completionof the graduation ceremony, the degree awarding ceremony for 2018 graduates washeld in the auditorium. President Li Jinlin awarded degrees and diplomas todoctoral and master's degree holders. Representatives of graduate trainingunits and instructors attended the ceremony. The 2018 graduates and somestudents’ relatives and friends have witnessed thissolemn and joyful moment. The ceremony was hosted by Dean of Graduate School HeDonglan.

The graduate degreeawarding ceremony was held in the auditorium. Photographed by Guo Yabo

Huang Aiguo,Minister of Postgraduate Work Department, read the Decision on Commending 2018Excellent Graduates of SCUN. Duan Chao read the Decision of the AcademicDegrees Assessment Committee of SCUN on Granting Doctorate Degree to 14Graduates Including Zhang Peng and the Decision of the Academic DegreesAssessment Committee of SCUN on Granting Master Degree to 781 GraduatesIncluding Lu Jindian.

Professor Li Zimaofrom College of Computer Science put forward ardent expectations to students asa graduate tutor representative: prepare to deal with setbacks, maintain aconfident attitude at any time, and firmly guard the bottom line of integrity.Fu Shoukang, Doctoral Graduate Representative from School of Economics and MaYimeng, Graduate Representative from School of Literature, Journalism & Communication,made a speech respectively sharing their own understanding of studying andexpressed that no matter where they are, they will always remember theiroriginal will and never forget their mission and strive to be a member of SCUNupholding the spirit of “religiousness, curiousness, nature andtolerance”.

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