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SCUN Holds the 1st South Lake Forum for Young Talents and Signs an Agreement with 23 Overseas Scholars
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SCUN Holds the 1st South Lake Forum for Young Talents and Signs an Agreement with 23 Overseas Scholars

During July 24-25, the 1stSouth Lake Forum for Young Talents organized by SCUN and co-organized by www.acabridge.cnwas held at SCUN. A total of 56 young scholars from 16 countries and regionsincluding the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canada participated in theforum. Sun Xueyu, a full-time member of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of thePeople’s Republic of China (SEAC), Wang Hongxiao, an associate counsel from theDepartment of Education, Science and Technology of SEAC, Wang Shixin, thedeputy editor-in-chief of www.eol.cn, as well as SCUN leaders including BianJing, Li Jinlin, Bai Jiangyuan, Duan Chao, Zhao Xiaoshan, Du Dongyun and HanYesheng were present at the forum.


Full-time member of SEAC Sun Xueyu is making a speech. Photo/Shan Wei

At the closing ceremony of the forum, Sun Xueyu, on behalf of Bartel, the vice-chairmanof the CPPCC National Committee and director of SEAC,extended cordial greetings to the participating youngscholars from at home and abroad and warm congratulations to the successfulholding of the forum. He highly appreciated the fruitful achievements made bythis forum and the young scholars’ love for their country, their Alma Mater andtheir career. He emphasized that since the 18th National Congress ofthe Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with comrade XiJinping as its core has been paying attention to the talent work. It hasformulated and implemented a series of initiatives on talent introducing,talent cultivating and talent using, including the national ThousandTalents Program  and Ten Thousand Talents Program. The talentpolicies are getting better and better, and the degree of opening up is gettinghigher and higher. As a result, a large number of overseas excellent talentsare attracted to come back home to start their careers, thus forming acomparative advantage of the talent system with international competitiveness.“It is necessary, timely and of great significance for SCUN to conduct the 1stSouth Lake Forum for Young Talents,” he said. He analyzed the basic situationsand development trend of China’s talent work from such aspects as “ourmotherland desires for talents”,“our motherland needs talents”, “our motherland is home to talents”, and“our motherland enables talents”. He required that all universities fornationalities should seek talents with eagerness, treat talents as treasures,recommend talents in different ways, use talents to their best, and try tocreate a dynamic environment where everyone can succeed and everyone candisplay their talents. He also called on overseas young scholars to come backhome to make contributions to China’s higher education undertakings andcontribute their wisdom and strength to realizing the Chinese Dream of thegreat rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


SCUN president Li Jinlin is delivering a keynote speech.Photo/Shan Wei 

Deputy editor-in-chief of www.eol.cn Wang Shixin is making a speech.Photo/Shan Wei

Wang Shixin, on behalf of www.acabridge.cn, made a speech. Hepointed out that innovative talents with global vision and of internationallevel are of great significance for the great rejuvenation of the Chinesenation and will usher in the best development era. “www.acabridge.cn is aimedat recommending the capable to the country and gathering talents for collegesand universities,” he added. He also highly appreciated SCUN’s courage andsincerity in talent introducing, and proposed that overseas young scholarsshould seize the opportunity to join SCUN to create a better future.       

SCUN president Li Jinlin delivered a keynote speech at the openingceremony, expressing SCUN’s sincerity in seeking, cherishing and invitingtalents from all over the world and determination of seeking commondevelopment. He introduced SCUN’s basic information, development history andachievements and interpreted SCUN’s characteristics, special mission andimportant responsibilities from the aspects of its purpose, cultivating objectsand research perspective. “Talent is the key to the development of a school. SCUNhas set up the concept of ‘talents are the No.1 resource’ and has beenimplementing the strategy of ‘develop schools with talents’. We attract talentswith sincerity and career, evaluate talents based on contract management andperformance, and stimulate talents through encouraging innovation andhighlighting outstanding ones. Thus, we have formed a talent work pattern thatfeatures combination of introduction and cultivation,” he said. “SCUN has ateaching and research platform with a complete system, appropriate policies fortalent introducing and cultivating, as well as beautiful and comfortableworking and living environments. We sincerely invite young scholars to join us.We promise to create a more reliable working environment, a harmoniousinterpersonal environment, a stable and comfortable living environment and afair development environment so as to set up a best stage for young elites todemonstrate their talent, live and work in peace and contentment, and fulfilltheir dreams,” he expressed. 


The site of the 1stSouth Lake Forum for Young Talents. Photo/Shan Wei

Scholar representatives ofSCUN are making a speech. Photo/Shan Wei

The signing ceremony.Photo/Shan Wei

The signing ceremony.Photo/Shan Wei

Representatives of the signed scholars are making a speech. Photo/Shan Wei

At the signing ceremony, professor Wang Zhaopeng from the School ofLiterature, Journalism and Communication of SCUN,professor Nie Lei from the College of Chemistry andMaterials Science and professor Fu Haiyan from the School of PharmaceuticalScience shared their perception centering on such themes as the choice ofcareer platforms and the realization of career dreams based on their ownexperiences and called on young scholars to set sail and make a wonderful lifeat SCUN. What they said vividly demonstrated the great importance that SCUNattaches to talent selection, recruitment, education and retention.At the closing ceremony, SCUN signedan agreement of intent with 23 overseas young scholars, including Li Hai, WangAiqing, and Gu Yan. Professor Liu Lu from the University of Derby, associateprofessor Liu Meirong from Howard University, and research assistant Yang Binfrom Stockholm University made a speech on behalf of the signed scholars. Theythanked SCUN for providing a platform for their meeting of minds, expressedtheir confidence in SCUN's future development, and put forward their futurework plans and expectations.

Cai Qiong, head of the Personnel Department and director of the TalentOffice of SCUN, reported the progress of the forum at the closing ceremony. Sheindicatedthat the personnel departments will deepen understanding, summarizeexperience, keep close communication, improve work, and introduce, cultivateand better serve talents.   

There were 13 sub-forums by disciplines. The young scholars enteredcorresponding colleges (schools) to have academic exchanges and participate in“two-way selection”. China Education Daily, www.chinanews.com,hb.qq.com, Hubei Daily,Changsha Daily and other media reported the forum on the spot. 

The sites of the 13sub-forums.