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Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan in SCUN” Unfolded
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Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan in SCUN” Unfolded

December 2 saw the “Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan in SCUN” held in the Optics Valley Music Hall of SCUN. This event was co-sponsored by Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People's Government and SCUN. It was attended by Zhou Xianwang, vice secretary of CPC Wuhan Municipal Party and mayor of Wuhan, some staff of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, People’s Government and Municipal Committee of CPPCC of Wuhan, school leaders, responsible persons of relevant city departments and zones (such as development zones and functional zones), and SCUN alumni in different walks of life and teacher and student representatives of over 700.

Strategic Cooperation Agreement was Signed between Wuhan and SCUN. Photo by Yang Yuyong

This special event was presided over by Hu Lishan, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, minister of Organization Department and director of the Municipal Recruitment Bureau. And party secretary of SCUN Bian Jing and mayor Zhou Xianwang delivered a speech.

Zhou Xianwang, on behalf of vice provincial party secretary and municipal party secretary Ma Guoqiang, expressed his gratitude to people from all walks of life who have long been concerned about and supporting Wuhan’s development. He spoke that, “Since its founding 67 years ago, SCUN has been consistently loyal to the country, keeping up with the times and developing with the city, actively integrating into and dedicating to Wuhan’s reform and development.”

In current time, Wuhan is thoroughly implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech made during his inspection tour in Hubei, speeding up the construction of “Sanhua” Wuhan and striving to develop Wuhan into a national central city and a world's highlight city to have high-quality development in the new era.

According to Zhou Xianwang, Wuhan is on the way of high-quality development and prosperity, with a bright future and unlimited business opportunities. Wuhan is a land of vitality and enthusiasm while develops strongly; a land of innovation and entrepreneurship that is rich in scientific and educational resources; a convenient land capable of easy openness to other domestic places; a land of superior ecological environment that is suitable for living and working. In order to accelerate and promote the high-quality development, Wuhan is striving to build four world-class industrial clusters and four new national bases to continuously optimize the business environment. Sincerely invite all alumni and entrepreneurs to invest in Wuhan, forming a business community and struggling with Wuhan, enjoying new development opportunities of Wuhan and having new great achievements.

According to Bian Jing, SCUN is a university co-founded by State Ethnic Affairs Commission and Wuhan and teachers and students are well aware of the principle that “A university’s development comes from the prosperity of a city”, consistently adhering to the tradition “Integrating with and Serving Wuhan”, positively responding to the deployment of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government “Return of Capital and Intelligence to Wuhan”, actively involving in the construction of concentric circle of “Wuhan + Alma Mater + Alumni” and exploring the “university+” model of SCUN style. Now Wuhan’s urban functional facilities are progressively and sufficiently equipped and industries’ development direction of large-scale, clustering and intensification is determined. For the extensive alumni, it is the right time to develop business in Wuhan. Wuhan is a forever land of Youthful memories for the alumni. The best way to love their alma mater and memorize the youth is to be committed to the reform and economic and social development of Wuhan.

During this event, Zhao Qinping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Education and professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Yang Changju, distinguished professor of SCUN and president of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, and Chen Dayun, former party committee secretary of Southwest University for Nationalities and executive director of Educational Research Association of the Ministry of Education were appointed as “Recruitment Consultants” of Wuhan; Chen Haibo, founder, chairman and CEO of Deepblue Technology, and Yu Ning, partner of NIOCapital and president of Asia-Pacific Area of FPT Fiat Powertrain, and Nie Qingping, founder, chairman and CEO of Capital Bridge, were appointed as “Business Attraction Ambassadors” of Wuhan.

Appointment Letters were issued for “Recruitment Consultants” and “Business Attraction Ambassadors”. Photo by Guo Yabo

A special propaganda film entitled “Great National Unity and Rejuvenation of Wuhan” was shown on the spot. Giving full play to its disciplinary advantages and relying on scientific and technological parks, technology business incubators and other scientific and technological resources, SCUN develops the industry of new energy, new materials, minority medicine, applied electronics technology, national cultural creativity and other industries. Moreover, SCUN deeply cooperates with Wuhan in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the cultivating of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, jointly promoting the construction of innovative, compound and industry-leading talent teams with Wuhan. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. And accelerating the development of a new generation of AI is a strategic issue of whether our country can grasp opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Through this special event, SCUN has introduced a group of high-level AI talents boasting cutting-edge technology and global vision. The AI leading enterprises have signed two national-level development zones in Wuhan. This provides Wuhan with talent support for fourth industrial revolution centered on AI industry.

In addition, Xu Honglan, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government and Li Jinlin, principal of SCUN have signed city-school strategic cooperation agreement. According to the framework agreement, on the basis of “Complementary Advantages, Mutual Benefit, Sincere Cooperation and Common Development”, the parties shall further broaden the scope of cooperation, improve the cooperation mechanism, accelerate and facilitate the comprehensive, deep and strategic integration and jointly promote the construction of “Four Major Projects of the Return of Capital and Intelligence to Wuhan” and “Double First-Class Initiative” of SCUN, to strive to build a “city + university” development community and become a model for comprehensive cooperation between the government and universities.

45 Projects Signed on Site with a Total Amount of RMB 106.393 Billion. Photo by Li Qiuyu

The Signing ceremony for projects also took place, where 45 projects were signed on site with a total amount of RMB 106.393 billion. Besides, a bank credit of RMB 60 billion was received by SCUN (RMB 30 billion by each of Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China). This special event focuses on Wuhan's industrial development requirements, on the service for Wuhan's ecological civilization construction and on assisting Wuhan to build a model city for “Beautiful China”. The signed projects mainly involve AI, energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction, manufacturing of high-end equipment, aerospace materials, new construction materials, pharmaceutical cold chain logistics, cultural and artistic creativity, modern leisure and sightseeing agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship parks, smart parking, health and hygiene and other fields. These projects are green, sustainable, promising and have a high social added value. They are highly compatible with the construction of “Sanhua” Wuhan, and will strongly support Wuhan to capture the commanding heights of future industrial development and create itself as a highland of national high-efficiency high-tech industrial.

As the special guests representative, Chen Haibo and Nie Qingping delivered a passionate speech. They expressed the deep love for Wuhan and SCUN, jointly explained opportunities and challenges of AI industry, vividly recalled their hard but joyful journey of innovation and entrepreneurship and sincerely showed their determination and confidence in the return of capital and intelligence to Wuhan.

“City of Vehicles· Outlook of Wuhan” themed dialogue forum. Photo by Li Qiuyu

At the end of this event, a dialogue forum on the theme of “City of Vehicles, Outlook of Wuhan” was held. Guests participating in the forum brainstormed innovatively, engaging in a lively discussion about “building Wuhan as a vehicle city in central China”, actively offering advice and suggestions, to enable Wuhan to capture the development commanding heights of next generation of vehicles and build itself as a base of national new energy and car intelligent network.

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