SCUN Held the 2nd South Lake Forum for Young Talents
SCUN Held the 2nd South Lake Forum for Young Talents

From May 18th to 19th, the 2nd South Lake Forum for Young Talents sponsored by SCUN and co-organized by China Education Online (academic bridge), was held in the academic exchange center. 54 doctoral and postdoctoral students from universities or research institutes in 19 countries and regions participated in the forum. Li Shubin, director-general of the Personnel Department of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Bian Xudong, director of Labor and Technical Personnel Division of Personnel Department of  State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Zhu Chunbin, vice director of the Talent Division of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Cheng Shaobo, deputy director of the Teachers Management Office of Hubei Education Department, Wu Bohua, deputy editor-in-chief of China Education Online , and SCUN's leaders Bian Jing, Li Jinlin, Bai Jiangyuan, Duan Chao, Zhao Xiaoshan, Li Junjie, Du Dongyun, Han Yesheng and Qiao Junjie attended the activity.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Bai Jiangyuan, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee. He said that under the guidance and strong support of the National People's Committee of China, the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Education Department, SCUN held the 2nd South Lake Forum for Young Talents, with the purpose of building an exchange platform for outstanding scholars from home and abroad in various disciplines and gathering talents from all over the world for common development. SCUN will, with the utmost sincerity, invite outstanding scholars from all over the world to come to SCUN for exchanges, mutual understanding and common development. We look forward to talents coming to SCUN, understanding SCUN and choosing SCUN.

Wu Baohua delivered a speech on behalf of China Education Online. He shared China's current talent development strategies and policies from the aspects of caring for, cherishing, serving and cultivating talents. He hoped that young talents could seize the opportunity and devote themselves to the great historical process of achieving the great Chinese dream.

President Li Jinlin gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, expressing the SCUN’s desire for seeking, recognizing, cherishing and using talents. He introduced the basic situation of SCUN, and said that SCUN attaches great importance to the work of talents, adheres to the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, adopts the personalized and customized way to introduce talents, and has a complete system in the aspects of introduction policy, management mechanism, training mechanism and salary. SCUN has excellent and advanced teaching and research platform, comfortable working and living environment and competitive financial support. SCUN sincerely invites young talents to join to add vitality for SCUN's team of teachers and help build a high-level university for nationalities with distinctive characteristics, first-class in China and internationally renowned.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Zehui, professor of the College of Chemical Materials, Zhang Xiao, associate professor of the College of Computing Sciences, and Yang Jinming, associate professor of the College of Pharmacy shared their thoughts on dream selection and career development based on their work in SCUN. Among them, Zhang Xiao and Yang Jinming, as the first signing talents of forum, shared their working feelings after entering SCUN. We welcome more young talents to choose SCUN to achieve their life values and dreams here.

On the morning of 19th, Li Jinlin signed the intention agreement with 40 young talents at home and abroad, including Wang Qiang, Yan Cheng and Gui Yulong, on behalf of SCUN. The three signing talents made the speech, thanking SCUN for providing a platform for academic exchange and talent introduction. Meanwhile, they expressed that they should not only be witnesses of ethnic education, but also be contributors to ethnic education.

Director of Personnel Division, Ma Li summed up the launch of this forum. She said that the South Lake Forum for Young Talents is a link to gather the outstanding young talents from all over the country here, and as the specific implementation department of the school's talent and talent work, it's next focus of work is to start from the implementation, service and publicity in place.

At the closing ceremony, the secretory of the University Party Committee, Bian Jing expressed cordial greetings and warm welcome to the young talents at home and abroad who participated in the forum, and fully acknowledged the success of the forum. He said that this event achieved the desired results. Through the president's keynote speech, campus discussions and exchanges, and campus visits, young talents had a general understanding to the basic situation of SCUN, its colleges and disciplines, experienced the inclusive campus culture, promote academic exchanges and research cooperation, and shortened the distance between each other. He hoped that the young talents' friendship, career and dream would take root in SCUN.

Compared with the first forum, this year's one is larger in scale and richer in content. Journalists from People's Daily, Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily and other media reported the activity on the spot.

Editor: Chen Pengbing     

Source: Propaganda Department of Party Committee