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Nearly 8,000 freshmen attended the school opening ceremony
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Nearly 8,000 freshmen attended the school opening ceremony

In the morning of September 2, nearly 8,000 undergraduate, master, doctoral and international freshmen gathered in the Nanhu Sports Playground to celebrate the opening of the school and start a new journey of life. The school leadership Bian Jing, Li Jinlin,Bai Jiangyuan,Duan Chao, Zhao Xiaoshan, Yang Shengcai, Du Dongyun, Han Yesheng, Song Fajun, Qiao Junjie, the heads of various colleges and related functional departments attended the school opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Song Fajun, deputy secretary of the school party committee and vice president.

Nearly 8,000 freshmen attended the opening ceremony. Photo Lei Guorui

The opening ceremony kicked off with students raising the national flag and singing the national anthem. On behalf of the school, President Jinlin Li expressed his warm welcome and sincere congratulations to all the new students. He quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest message to the youth - Young people are in the golden age of studying, and studying should be regarded as the primary task, as a responsibility, as a spiritual pursuit, and as a way of life.” Mr. Li put forward four expectations for the students studying at the SCUN to stick to the real intention of studying: First, one must have the ambition to integrate the personal pursuit into the tide of progress in the times, and always be the one with the will on the road to studying; Second, one must have a love for all in mind, always be patriotic and always love the people, always be the one with the love on the road of life; Third, one must be able to refine, to practice, to really learn, to always be the talented for the needs of society; Fourth, one must cultivate one’s morality, inherit the fine traditions, and always be a kind-hearted good-governed person.”Mr. Li pointed out that young people are the most energetic and infinitely promising. Only by making struggles become the most beautiful background of youth can they achieve their own glory.

President Li Jinlin makes a speech. Photo Lei Guorui

Professor Zhang Zehui from the College of Chemistry and Materials Science spoke as a teacher representative. Combining his own career and his work experience at SCUN, Mr. Zhang sent a message to the students expecting them to have great visions, to build a comprehensive knowledge system, to cultivate perseverance and self-discipline, to advocate the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, to keep one's curiosity and to have the courage to practice, so that one may achieve a better self in such a beautiful age, a beautiful campus and a beautiful era.

Ma Lishuai of School of Education, who attended his first year in 2017 and Bai Yaxuan of School of Mathematics and Statics, a freshman, speak for the returning and new students respectively. Mr. Ma shared his harvest and experience of two years of studying at the SCUN. He hoped that the younger brothers and sisters would stick to their dreams and strive to be the one who challenge themselves and forerunners who are grateful to others. Ms. Bai appealed to the students to do good deeds, to have warm love in mind, to have the motherland in heart, and to persist in one’s dreams and create a life worthy of the times.

At the ceremony, Bai Jiangyuan, deputy secretary of the school party committee, read the Decision on Awarding the National Scholarship for the 2017-2018 Academic Year and the list of winners of the 2019 Confucius Institute Scholarship. The school leaders attending the ceremony presented awards to the student representatives.

The school leaders attending the ceremony presented awards to the student representatives. Photo Kong Junze

Nearly 8,000 freshmen attended the school opening ceremony. Photo Kong Junze

(Editor: Liu Hong; Source: Party Committee Propaganda Department)