Latest news
Professor Fu Haiyan of College of Pharmacy Selected as Chemical Elements Spokesperson2019-07-18
SCUN Supported 150 Undergraduates To Go Abroad For Study2019-07-18
2019 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held2019-07-18
2019 Nature Index Released; SCUN Ranks 137th2019-07-18
SCUN’S Youth League Branch of Graduate Education Assistance Group was Rated as the National May 4th Red-banner Youth League Branch2019-06-12
SCUN's High-Tech Business Incubator was Approved as "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Base of Intellectual Property in Hubei"2019-06-12
SCUN and Tibet University Signed Framework Agreement on Collaborative Innovation in Science and Education2019-06-12
Social Education Team of National Museum of Ethnology was Rated as "Excellent Social Education Team" of Cultural Museum System in Hubei2019-06-12
Report Meeting on Project 2019 Entrusted by New Think Tank of Hubei was Held in SCUN2019-06-12
Students of SCUN Win Second Prize in Southern China Final of ““FLTRP ETIC Cup”2019-05-15
Students of SCUN Win Championship in “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-20192019-05-13
The Journal of SCUN Ranked 2nd for Number of Articles Cited in 20182019-05-13
Professor Bai Guixi of SCUN Wins “May Day Labor Medal”2019-05-13
Professor Pan Honored as “Advanced Individual of China Law Society System”2019-05-13
SCUN’s CSSCI-indexed paper counts ranks 92nd place2019-04-17
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