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Student Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony Held in 20182018-06-27
"Key Technology and Demonstration of Highly Effective Utilization and Pollution Control of Rhodochrosite" Conclusion2018-06-27
Pakistan's Higher Education Delegation Visits SCUN2018-06-19
The Delegation of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology From Pakistan Visits SCUN2018-06-19
The Second International Forum of Multiculture and Higher Education Quality Assurance Is Held in SCUN2018-06-19
Professor Li Jinlin Is Selected by the List of Chinese Most Cited Researchers of Elsevier for 4 Consecutive Years2018-06-19
Chairman of National Assembly Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Committee-Dakani and His Party Investigate SCUN2018-06-19
Dipping the Spring Festival Atmosphere Into the Other Side of the Ocean by "American Style Spring Festival Gala"2018-06-19
SCUN Is the First Batch of “New Engineering” Research and Practice Projects Approved by the Ministry of Education2018-06-19
SCUN Ranking Has Elevated Steadily in the Natural Index Ranklist of Colleges and Universities in Mainland China2018-06-19
Chester University of UK Delegation Group Visited SCUN2018-06-19
The delegation from Ludwigsburg Finance and Public Administration University in Germany visited SCUN2018-06-04
SCUN Has been Approved by China Scholarship Council to be Selected as a Delegation to Study Abroad2018-06-04
York St John University Visit SCUN2018-05-14
SCUN art troupe performance is well received in Pakistan2017-11-29
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