Latest news
Students of SCUN Win Second Prize in Southern China Final of ““FLTRP ETIC Cup”2019-05-15
Students of SCUN Win Championship in “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-20192019-05-13
The Journal of SCUN Ranked 2nd for Number of Articles Cited in 20182019-05-13
Professor Bai Guixi of SCUN Wins “May Day Labor Medal”2019-05-13
Professor Pan Honored as “Advanced Individual of China Law Society System”2019-05-13
SCUN’s CSSCI-indexed paper counts ranks 92nd place2019-04-17
Thirty seven projects of SCUN included in MOE’s collaborative education program2019-04-17
SCUN Information Technology Co., Ltd. Rated as “Little Giant" Tech Company of Wuhan2019-03-27
SCUN Rated as “One of the Best Organizers ” of the Investment Promotion in Wuhan in 20182019-03-27
SCUN has been Approved to Build a High-level Football Team2019-03-27
Students of School of Music and Dance Shining Brilliantly on CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the Third Time2019-02-19
Survey Shows Overall Education Satisfaction Index Higher Than National Average2019-02-19
18 Achievements Won Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award of Hubei Province Ranking No.12019-02-19
Three Achievements Won Hubei Development Research Award2019-02-19
Hu Jiaxiang's Two Monographs Published Overseas2019-02-19
2nd International Young Scholars South Lake Forum Sincerely invites young talent across the world2019-02-02
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