Latest news
Latest news
York St John University Visit SCUN2017-11-30
SCUN art troupe performance is well received in Pakistan2017-11-29
Wisconsin State Educators and Students Delegation Visit SCUN2017-06-23
James Madison University Delegation Visit SCUN2017-06-07
SCUN and MSU Officially Signs the MOU2017-04-26
Vice President of St. Francis Xavier University Visits SCUN2017-04-26
A Delegation from University of Northern Colorado Visits SCUN2017-03-23
Signing and Unveiling Ceremony of Graphene R&D Center Jointly Established between South-Central Minzu University2017-03-09
SCUN and UWP Confucius Institute Annual Advisory Board Meeting Successfully Closes2016-12-18
SCUN School of Computer Science Student Team Won the Silver Medal in the 41st ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Regional Contest2016-12-09
SCUN Student Entrepreneurship Program “Ethnic Style” Won the Second Prize in the 2nd Cross-Straits College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship2016-12-09
SCUN Celebrated Global “Confucius Institute Day”2016-11-24
SCUN Organized the Third National Symposium on English Translation of Chinese Ethnic Minority Classics2016-11-18
SCUN’s Breakthrough in the Establishment of a National Social Science Foundation Art Project2016-11-11
SCUN Students Entrepreneurship Project Won the Bronze Award in the 2016 China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition MBA Special Competition2016-11-09
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