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Four student representatives from SCUN attended the 2019 Sino-Russian Youth Forum2019-10-24
The SCUN engineering discipline has entered the top 1% of ESI global rankings2019-10-24
SCUN Students Won Bronze Medal In Rope Skipping World Cup2019-07-18
SCUN Student Serving as Image Representative of the College Town2019-07-18
Five Projects Recognized as Provincial Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Projects2019-07-18
Cheng Wenfeng from SCUN Won the Title of "Advanced Worker of National Disabled Persons' Federation System"2019-06-12
SCUN Held the 2nd South Lake Forum for Young Talents2019-06-12
Three Projects of SCUN Funded by National Arts Fund2019-05-13
SCUN's Students Won the Second Prize in 2019 Student Supercomputer Challenge2019-03-27
Students Won the First Prize in the Second National College Students' Life Science Contest2019-03-27
SCUN Ranked among the Top 100 Universities in China for Development of Innovative Talents and Curricula2019-03-27
Li Jinlin Selected in Elsevier 2018 Chinese Most Cited Researchers List2019-02-19
Three Programs of SCUN Approved as “Hubei’s Outstanding Talents” Collaborative Education Programs for Average Four-year Universities in Hubei2019-01-07
16 Programs of SCUN Approved to Be the First Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Programs of 2018 by the Ministry of Education2019-01-07
SCUN Students Invited to Perform at CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala for the Third Time2019-01-07
SCUN Students Win Special Awards in the 7th National Aerobics & Fitness Dance Competition2019-01-04
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