Stars Shinning at Celebration Party for SCUN 60th Anniversary
Author: Time:2011-11-04

With shinning lights, crowded people and laughter everywhere, the South-central University for Nationalities on the evening of October 22nd was a sea of joy. The Celebration Party for the 60th anniversary of SCUN was held by China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble and South-central University for Nationalities at South-lake Stadium. Tian Liangang, Director of Division of Science and Education of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Wang Yujin, Director of Division of Finance of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, all leadership of SCUN, alumni, guests, teachers and students of SCUN, were present at the party.

The actors and actresses at the celebration party. Photographed by Xue Yubing

At the beginning of the party, President of SCUN Lei Zhaohai sent his greetings and appreciations of the presence of the leaders, guests from other universities, all the teachers and students of SCUN, alumni, and guests from China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble.

The famous singer Jiang Dawei was singing the song “A Place with Blossoming Peach Flowers”. Photographed by Huang Chaoyi

The Party started with cheerful song and dance “China, a garden with blossom flowers”. In the cheers and applause, National Class-A Artists Jiang Dawei, Liu Yuanyuan, Lan Jian and Qubiawu presented their masterpieces. The melody of songs echoed over the sky of South-lake: “The Best Song for Mum”, “A Place with Blossoming Peach Flowers”, “Motherland”, “Applauding the Red Blossoms”, “The Chinese is one Family”, “Communists”, “The Blossoming Soma Flower”, and “Flowers for You.” Words of “one more, one more…” came from the audience repeatedly.

National Class-A Artist Liu Yuanyuan sang several songs. Photographed by Wu Gang

The ups and downs of SCUN in the past sixty years, and the blessings from 56 ethnic groups, are all embodied in the poem “Youth as a painting, Years as a song.” The poem-reading by a student of SCUN touched the heart of everyone present.

The beautiful fireworks in the sky. Photographed by Sun Teng

During the party, various wonderful programs feasted the audience’s eyes and ears: the rhythmical melodies are produced with different musical instruments. “Diao Yang Dance Music”, “The Homeland Faraway,” the enthusiastic male sole “Balang Boy”, “Where Is My Girl” , “The Girl from Lou Lan”, the hot dance of Hui ethnic minority “Songs and Girls in Heart are Hotter than Fire”, the dances “Shao Duoli”, “Girls’ Party, “The Rain and fragrant flowers”, “Dance of Yao People”, and “Why are the Flowers So Red” showed the characteristics of people from different ethnic minority groups: the lissome girls of Dai, the lovely girls of Tu, the saucy girls of Zhuang, the beautiful and passionate girl of Yao, and the charming girls of Tajik.

The audiences were enjoying the beautiful fireworks. Photographed by Wu Gang

The party ended with the chorus “Guests from Afar, Please Stay.” After that, the audience enjoyed a feast of fireworks. With thunderous sounds, the fireworks flew up, and turned into colorful and shinning flowers in the sky, lightening up the whole stadium and the South-lake. The sky became the painting cloth, and the fireworks were painting on it. The beautify scene lasted for more than twenty minutes, making all audience joyful and excited.

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