Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Held to Celebrate SCUN 60th Anniversary
Author: Time:2011-11-01

On the morning of Oct.19, the opening ceremony for the Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition “Verve in Brush and Ink- Ethnic Affections” is held in Optical-valley Art Gallery, SCUN. The exhibition is sponsored by Labor Union, Committee of Communist Youth League, Office of Retirees, School of Art and Design of our university. School leaders Lei Zhaohai, Xu Pocai, Bai Jiangyuan, leaders of other relevant departments, and some teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Mr. Chen Dayun, CPC Secretary, is appreciating the works. Photographed by Huang Chaoyi

Presiden Lei Zhaohai delivered the opening speech. He said the exhibition is an embodiment of heartily praise and sincere blessing of faculty, students and alumni toward glorious achievement of SCUN in the past 60 years.

Mr. Xu Bocai announced the opening of the exhibition.

After the opening ceremony, faculty and students entered the exhibition hall to appreciate the artistic works.

President Lei Zhaohai(Left) and Ms. Wu Anlun (Right). Photographed by Sun Teng

Mr. Chen Dayun, CPC Secretary, came to the exhibition shortly after his meeting with Germany guests. He appreciated all the works with much interest, and highly praised them.

Calligraphy Fans are demonstrating their talents. Photographed by Huang Chaoyi & Sun Teng

The exhibition is shown in five halls. Hall One exhibits leaders’ inscriptions, calligraphic works and paints of alumni, faculty and students. Hall Two is a hall for folk arts, which exhibits traditional Chinese art such as the cloth paste pictures and paper cuttings. Other halls exhibit photographic works.

To prepare for this exhibition, SCUN collects works as early as April this year. With the theme “Glory and Harmony”, the exhibition demonstrates over 300 works from university leaders, alumni, faculty, retirees and students, including calligraphic works, paintings, paper cuttings, cloth paste pictures, painting on bottle gourds, cross-stitch, photographic works, and painting on long scrolls, etc.

It is reported that the exhibition will be held till Oct. 25.

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