Picture Album and Documentary CD to Be Published, Celebrating SCUN 60th Anniversary
Author: Time:2011-10-20

To celebrate the 60th anniversary, SCUN decides to publish picture album and documentary CD. With long-time preparation and careful revision, these two works, directed and compiled by SCUN Anniversary Office and Propaganda Department, will be published on 15, Oct.

The picture album entitled “Dragon-rising Vitality – Celebrating SCUN 60th Anniversary”, is exquisitely designed and excellent in both pictures and compositions. It comprises 11 sections, namely “Amiable Concern from Leaders”, “Retrospect”, “Glorious Party Flag”, “Outstanding Teaching Stuff”, “Teaching Affairs”, “Discipline Construction”, “Academic Research”, “International Communication”, “Harmonious Campus”, “Great Achievements”, and “Bright Future”.

The documentary CD is entitled “Passing Torch from Generation to Generation, Ethnic Education Witnesses Glorious Achievements”. It consists of six sections, namely “Beautiful Environment and Harmonious Campus”, “Teaching and Study Complementing Each Other”, “Academic Research Serving the Society”, “Innovation Based on United Efforts”, “Colorful Campus Life”, and “Cooperatively Striving for a Bright Future”, which presents the history and presence of SCUN in a comprehensive way. It is said that the CD will be broadcasted on the Video Station and on website.

It is reported that the picture album and documentary CD will be put into the souvenir bag as gifts to alumni and guests.

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