Grads Visit SCUN during National Day Festival- to Memorize Glorious Past and To Celebrate SCUN 60th Anniversary
Author: Time:2011-10-20

The whole nation is in a sea of happiness during the National Day Festival, so are the alumni at SCUN 60th Anniversary. In this season of “double happiness”, alumni return to SCUN, including 87’and 88’grads from former Physics Department, 87’grads from former Chemistry Department, 92’grads from former Economic Administration Department, 97’grads from former Electronics Engineering Department, 97’grads from former Law Department, 97’grads from former Educational Administration Department. They warmly discuss with their teachers and school leaders, and express their sincere congratulations to their mother school at its 60th anniversary.

The grads visited their teachers and school leaders, told them their work and life, and expressed their emotion freely. President Lei Zhaohai warmly received 88’grads from Physics Department, and Vice President Li Jinlin took part in the talks of 87’grads from Chemistry Department and 88’grads from Physics Department. They introduced the present development of SCUN, and expressed thanks to alumni for their support to their mother school. To many alumni, this is the first time they return mother school after graduation for years. They are excited and proud at the great changes in SCUN. They promise to make further contribution to their mother school in the future.

Under the guidance of classmates who have been working at SCUN, the alumni visited the reconstructed Ethnological Museum, the twin-tower skyscraper library, and first-class swimming pool. Their steps covered almost each corner of the campus, where they recalled their morning reading, their life in the dormitory and classroom. Some alumni especially went to the dinning hall to have dinners, in order to relive their past days.

At their return to the mother school, some alumni brought gifts to celebrate its 60th anniversary, and some established funds for future gathering.

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