Tribute to the 60th anniversary of SCUN-Thinkers at South Lake-Enlightenment on Humanities, and My Beloved SCUN are Published
Author: Time:2011-10-09

With the 60th anniversary of SCUN approaching, two books compiled by Publicity Office, Thinkers at South Lake - Enlightenment on Humanities” and “My Beloved SCUN”, are published by China Peace Publishing House in late September.

As the most influential humanistic forum in SCUN, South Lake Forum has already been a landmark of humanistic education for college students. Since March 2010, lectures have been given by thirteen brilliant experts and scholars, triggering a groundswell of enthusiasm from both the faculty and students. To bring the potentials of these lectures in full play and to present tribute to the 60th anniversary of SCUN, Publicity Office of SCUN published the collection of these lectures as “Thinkers at South Lake: Enlightenment on Humanities”. The book transcribes lectures on South Lake Forum by eleven prominent scholars, and nine papers about these famous experts. Advocating humanistic education, these lectures and papers are enlightening to readers.

At the 60th anniversary of SCUN, “My Beloved SCUN”, an essay writing activity initiated by Publicity Office, received active response from students, teachers, retirees and alumni. The book “My Beloved SCUN” is a collection of the outstanding essays in the activity, and some selected articles from literature supplement of the newspaper South Lake. It includes three parts: prose, poetry and novels. The book recalls forerunners of SCUN, glorifies harmony among different ethnic groups, narrates experiences of some students at school, describes the bright future of SCUN, and, above all, expresses people’s affection to SCUN.

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