Freshmen Celebrated University Anniversary with Red Songs
Author:Chen Na, Feng Ran and Nie Lei Time:2011-10-07

On the afternoon of 25th September, together with the thunderous cheering, the freshmen’s outdoor Red-song (the traditional revolutionary songs) Concert entitled “Celebrating the University Anniversary, Let’s Sing” turned the South Lake into a sea of joy and happiness.

The Red-song Concert has become a sea of joy. Photographed by Zhu Mengnan

Together with students, the university leaders Xu Bocai, Li Jinlin and Bai jiangyuan experienced the power and charm of Red-songs at the concert. Leaders of relevant administrative offices and all schools, together with instructors of freshmen, were also present. Mr. Zhu Buxi, Vice President of Hubei Chorus Association and a famous conductor, was invited to be the judge. This activity was hosted by Office of Student Affairs and Committee of Communist Youth League, and was undertaken by Student Union.

Freshmen were singing red-song in their ethnic costumes. Photographed by Zhu Mengnan

The Dance from College Student Art Troupe “Splendid China”(Jinxiuzhognhua) started the prelude of the concert. This concert includes sections, with themes Flashback and Firmness, New China and Rebirth, Maturity and Progress, and Prospect and Revival. Beautifully dressed students from various schools sang lots of Red-songs, such as “Defend the Yellow River” (Baoweihuanghe), “Say Goodbye to the Red Army” (Shisonghongjun), “In Taihang Mountains” (Zaitaihangshanshang), “Clear Water of Wanquan River” (Wanquanheshuiqingyouqing), “The Song of Guerrillas” (Youjiduizhige), and “Crossing the Snow-capped Mountains and the Marshes” (Guoxueshancaodi). They were either sonorous or touching, taking the audience back to the war-time revolutionaries who led a hard life. Hopes for a brighter future are expressed in songs like “The East is Red” (Dongfanghong), “China, The Red Sun That Never Sets”(Zhonguo, zhongguo, xianhongdetaiyanyongbuluo), “Sweet Osmanthus All Around in August” (Bayueguihuaabindikai ), and “New Songs from Awa People”(awarenmingzhangxinge). Some songs praised the achievements of New China, such as “Big China” (Dazhonghua), “Love My China” (Aiwozhonghua), “Chinese Marsh” (Zhongguojinxingqu), “Nation” (Guojia), and “Ode to My Motherland” (Gechangzhuguo). Some songs expresses the confidence in revival of our motherland, such as “Dance of the Youth”(Qingchunwuqu), “My Country, My Mother” (Zuguo, cixiangdemuqin), “In the Brilliant Sunshine” (Zaicanlandeyangguangxia), and “Going to Revival” (Zouxiangfuxing). Other programs from Student Art Troupe and university Radio Station also interwove the songs.

The Red-songs showed the vigor of the freshmen. Photographed by Zhu Mengnan

The concert ended with the chorus of “Ode to My Motherland” by all freshmen.

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