[Introduction to International Cooperative Projects:4] China-France Exchange Students Program
Author: Time:2011-10-06

The program is a graduate exchange program between South-central University for Nationalities and Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. Each year, five excellent postgraduates from South-central University for Nationalities are selected as exchange students to Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, where they can choose any subject available. Applications are accepted from March each year, and in June participants would go to the host university in France and study there for one year.

While staying in France, exchange students will pay their living expenses on their own, but they are exempt from paying tuition at the host university. Applicants shall be eligible to apply if they are:

1.graduates who are currently studying in South-central University for Nationalities;

2.graduates with good performance, high scores and a clean disciplinary record during school years;

3.fluent and proficient in English and capable of communicating in English;

4.with acceptable level of proficiency in French;

5.with guaranteed financial support of not less than 80,000 RMB.

The application procedures are as followed:

1.The application letters should be submitted by applicants, approved by master’s supervisors and colleges; (In-service teacher applicants should get the approval of the dean of the school)

2.The application forms should be submitted by applicants to Graduate School;

3.Competitive exams are held by Office of International Affairs and Graduate School.

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, one of the three public universities in Lyon, was established in 1973--- after the reconstruction of University of Lyon. Located in southeast France, it is a key comprehensive university of social sciences in compromising in the country. There are schools for various disciplines, such as School of Law, School of Business Administration (IAE, Institut d'Administration des Entreprises), School of Foreign Languages, School of Literature, School of Philosophy and School of Technology. It is especially renowned for its humanities studies. As part of the federation of University of Lyon (also known as University of Lyon), Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 recruits about 20,000 students annually. With the all-round vocational training, graduates from the university will realize their ambition in enterprises, administration management, education and scientific research.

Up to now, five sessions of students have graduated from this program, which is well praised by both the exchange students and the officials in charge.


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