[Introduction to International Cooperative Projects:5]“0.5+4.5” International Cooperative Project with Jeonju University
Author: Time:2011-10-06

In order to promote the exchange between China and South Korea, South-central University for Nationalities and Jeonju University launch a “0.5+4.5” international cooperative education program in 2010. Students attend courses of Korean language, Korean culture and English lectured by professors from Jeonju University on the campus of SCUN for six months. After passing the Korean Language Test organized by Jeonju University, students get admission letters from Jeonju University. With the letters, students may apply for visa at Embassy of the Republic of Korea for study abroad. After another six months’ study of Korean language in Korea, students who pass the Korean Language Proficiency Test (Level 4) can begin the 4-year undergraduate study and choose any discipline available at Jeonju University.

“0.5+4.5” international cooperative education program is a cooperative program for undergraduates. Tuition for the six-month study at South-central University for Nationalities is about 6,000 RMB (textbook fee not included) and the accommodation fee is about 600 RMB. Tuition at Jeonju University is 20,000 RMB for the first term and 15,000 RMB for the following terms (from the second to the eighth term). While in Korea, students may get part-time jobs at Jeonju University.

The international cooperative education program between SCUN and Jeonju University dates back to 2003. Three sessions of students have graduated from the former “1+4” program since then.

Founded in 1964, Jeonju University is a comprehensive university under administration of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, and was awarded as “distinguished university” by the Korean Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea for two consecutive years in 2001 and 2002.


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