Graduation Ceremony Grandly Held for SCUN 2012 Graduates
Author:Han Peilin, Liang Licheng Time:2012-07-14

On the morning of 28, June, there were thunderous applauses in the school gymnasium, in which the graduation ceremony for 2012 graduates was grandly held. School leaders Chen Dayun, Li Jinlin, Xu Bocai, Lei Zhenyang, Luo Jiansheng, Chang Yiqing, Bai Jiangyuan, Zhao Wen, and leaders from other administrative offices and schools were present at the ceremony, which was presided over by Xu Bocai, Deputy CPC Secretary of SCUN.

The scene of the graduation ceremony. Photographed by Zhang Weijie, Shangguan Litao

After the national anthem was sung, Prof. Li Jinlin, President of SCUN, addressed a speech, in which he extended warm congratulations to the graduates and expressed his hopes for them. He hoped the graduates would stick to their ideals, keep in mind their motherland,keep on studying and be bold in putting things into practice. He also hoped the graduates would uphold the spirits of SCUN by living a life of dignity and working steadfastly, so as to make contribution to the national unity, national prosperity, and people’s welfare. He said, the past years were key period during which the university deepened its overall reform and accelerated its development, and the graduates, lucky enough to witness these great changes, also made great their contribution for development of their mother school. He said that the mother school is home to all graduates for ever, and hoped all the graduates would come home from time to time after graduation. At the end of his speech, he quoted the famous words from the micro film While the Light Lasts, a hot one produced by SCUN students: “Wherever you are, the mother school will love you for ever, till the end of time.”

Representative of teachers, Associate Prof. He Xiangzhu from School of Electronics and Information Engineering, made a speech with sincerity and affection. With her personal experience, she encouraged the graduates to keep their goals and faith in their lives, be honest to others, be steadfast in their work, and sail far in their ocean of life.

Ge Shangqing, representative of undergraduates from School of Economics, expressed his sincere thanks and good blessing to the graduates. Chen Xi, representative of the graduates from School of Public Policy and Management, gave a speech of joy, as well as reluctance to leave the mother school. She said, as a volunteer to the Western Program, she would remember well teaching of teachers and add glory to her mother school.

In the ceremony, Bai Jiangyuan, Deputy CPC Secretary of SCUN, read On Commendation to Fifteen Graduates Who Are Willing to Participate the National “Western Plan” and Volunteer to Work in the Six Western Provinces or Municipalities.

The school leaders conferred diplomas and degree certificates to representatives to the 4,700 graduates. The graduation ceremony ended with the school anthem sung by all the teachers and students present.

At 10 O’clock in the morning, the graduation ceremony for SCUN 2012 postgraduates was held in the Academic Exchange Center. School leaders Chen Dayun, Li Jinlin, Lei Zhenyang and Luo Jiansheng attended the ceremony. The 2012 postgraduates, their supervisors, leaders of schools and administrative offices, and relatives of the postgraduates were also present at the ceremony. It was presided over by Xu Xianlong, Dean of Graduate Schoo.

After the national anthem, Lei Zhenyang, Vice President of SCUN, read three official documents, namely On Commendation to 2012 Outstanding Graduates, On Conference of Doctoral Degrees to 11 Students, and On Conference of Masters’ Degrees to 685 Students.

Prof. Kang Dongsheng, representative of all masters’ or doctors’ supervisors, extended his blessing to all graduates. He recalled with affection the past days that the teachers and students spent together, and urged the students to live with gratitude, find suitable positions in the society, make contribution to the society, and pay back their mother school.

Mo Daishan and Ding Yu, representatives of graduating doctors and masters respectively, expressed their thanks to the teachers and their reluctance to bid farewell to the school and the teachers.

Prof. Li Jinlin, President of SCUN, conferred the degree certificates to the 11 graduating doctors and the 685 graduating masters.




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