The Ethnological Museum of SCUN has been Entitled as “National Science Education Base”
Author:Lan Lidan Time:2015-12-18

Recently, it is released from Hubei Association for Science and Technology that the Ethnological Museum of SCUN has been entitled as “National Science Education Base”(2015-2019).

The Ethnological Museum of SCUN is the first professional museum for ethnology. It has been entitled as “Wuhan Science and Technology Education Base for Youngsters” in 1998, “Wuhan Science Education Base” in 2011, and “National Level-3 Museum” in 2013. It has a collection of more than ten thousand objects of ethnological cultural relics. The museum now has six exhibition rooms, in which the objects on techniques of the spinning and weaving, bronze drum casting, building construction of ethnic minorities are exhibited. It is a key base for science education, patriotism education and national unity education.

In recent years, the Ethnological Museum of SCUN makes great efforts to meet the new requirement of science education work, and has played an exemplary and leading role in this area. It has received averagely 90,000 visitors each year since 2008, and the visitors reached 120,000 in 2013. The science education of the museum has achieved remarkable success, and the museum has been authorized as “Hubei Advanced Group for Science Education.” The museum went to schools, institutions and communities, such as Tibetan Middle School and Wuhan Ordnance Petty Officer School aperiodically, to hold science education exhibitions, and advanced science education to young students, citizens. They have also published and distributed the book mark “Fifty-six Nationalities” and science book “Fifty-six Nationalities, Fifty-six Flowers.” It vigorously cultivated volunteer narrators for science education to provide excellent guiding service for science education exhibition. The jointly applied research project of State-level Thinking Tank project of Science and Technology of Wuhan (2014) “ The Practice and Countermeasures of Co-construction and Share of Science Education Recourses of Wuhan” provided decision references for the science education construction of the government., the Ethnological Museum of SCUN jointed the online exhibition platform “Science Education of Hubei” led by Hubei Association for Science and Technology in 2013 , and joined the platform “Mobile museum: Exhibitions on Palm” led by Suzhou government. It actively took part in the activities organized by science and technology departments of the government to launch science education, during which it creatively combines art performance and exhibition to strengthen the effect of science education.

It is reported than there are 650 science education units that have been entitled as “National Science Education Base”(2015-2019) this time, fifteen of which are located in Hubei.

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