Jingmen Municipal Government and SCUN Signed Agreement on Strategic Cooperation
Author:Chen Zhipeng Time:2016-01-06

On Oct. 30, Jingmen Municipal Government and SCUN signed agreement on strategic cooperation.

On the morning of the day, the delegation of Jingmen Municipal Government paid a visit to SCUN Museum of Ethnology, Exhibition Center of University History, ExperimentalTeachingCenter, labs of School of Chemistry and Materials Science and the whole campus. Afterwards, the ceremony for signature of agreement on strategic cooperation between Jingmen Municipal Government and SCUN was held at the AcademicExchangeCenter. Attendants to the ceremony include He Xiaoping, member of Standing Committee of Jingmeng CPC Commission and director of Department of United Front Work, Li Yan, vice director of Standing Committee of Jingmen People’s Congress and chairman of Jingmen Federation of Industry and Commerce, Prof. Du Dongyun and Zhao Wen, Vice Presidents of SCUN, and leading officials of relevant departments. The ceremony was hosted by Zhao Wen.

Attendants to the ceremony firstly watched the video entitled “Chinese Agricultural Valley, Jingmen of Hubei Province”. Afterwards, Prof. Du Dongyun delivered a welcome speech. He briefly introduced the history and present development of SCUN, and said that SCUN have been attaching importance to service of scientific research to local economic and social development. He said that SCUN has achieved much success in Industry-University-Research Collaboration, and hoped that both sides would benefit from the cooperation in a friendly atmosphere.

Mr. He Xiaoping made a brief introduction of Jingmen. He said that Jingmen city enjoys beautiful scenery, deep-rooted culture, solid industrial foundation, favorable scientific platform, and is constructing the ChinaAgriculturalValley. To accelerate the local development, Jingmen Municipal Government has declared many favorable policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship. He expressed his welcome of scientific institutes and universities.

After that, Prof. Du Dongyun and Chen Shuhong signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. Prof. He Donglan, director of Office of Science and Technology, SCUN and entrepreneurs of Jingmen, including He Daqiang, Yuan Jianjun, Li Li and Wang Fei, signed the Industry-UniversityResearch collaboration agreements. At the end of the ceremony, the Jingmen entrepreneurs held talks with leading officials of relevant schools of SCUN on further cooperation.

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