SCUN Art Troupe Put on First Performance at Mid-Asia
Author:Zhang Wenjun Time:2016-01-06

“Singing to greet friends, and dancing to express emotions.” With entrustment of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), on Nov. 4th, SCUN Art Troupe put on its first performance at KyrgyzNationalYouthCultureCenter, Bishkek, capital city of the KyrgyzRepublic. At 4 P.M. in the afternoon, SCUN Art Troupe started the performance featured with Chinese ethnic songs and dances for local people, teaching staff and students of Confucius Institute of Kyrgyz National University.

The dance “A Colorful China” started the performance. Photographed by Li Xiaochen.

At the beginning of the performance, Mr. Li Jun, Military Officer of China’s Embassy to Kyrgyz, delivered a speech. He expressed warm welcome to SCUN Art Troupe and introduced the main content of the performance. Afterwards, ZamiraAkbagysheva, President of the Congress of Women of the Kyrgyz Republic made a speech, “We should make efforts to sustain Sino-Kyrgyz friendship, which is to be inherited by youths generation by generation. ” She cried out “Long last the friendship between Chinese and Kyrgyz youths!” for three times, which received thunderous applauses. As well, SabilaQipakova, director of BishkekYouthCultureCenter and YisamatovaGulizate, Kyrgyz director of Confucius Institute at BishkekHumanitiesUniversity delivered speech. The performance was attended by guests, teaching staff and students of the Confucius Institute.

The first play of performance was a ethnic dance entitled “A Colorful China”. The dynamic rhythm, passionate dancing posture with Chinese ethnic flavor lighted the passion of all the audience. Afterwards, the lively solo play “a Festival Day at SpringCity”, played with Erhu, a traditional Chinese bowed instrument, expressed the warmth and pleasure of friends’ gathering together. When the performer play Kyrgyz folk songs with Erhu, the audience paid warm applauses. The Chinese folk song “Jasmine Flower” expressed the neighborhood relationships. The Sichuan Opera “Changing Faces” won acclaim and admiration of audience towards traditional Chinese arts. The group dancing of ethnic minorities fully displays the traditional culture of ethnic minority people in China.

The group dance “Floating Clouds”. Photographed by Li Xiaochen.

In the interactive process, the art troupe put on performance the Hubei folk song “Dragon Boat Tune”, and Tujia and Miao dance “Tujia Brother and Miao Sister”, which expressed the sincerity, warmth and passion of young people from different ethnic minorities. The audience, hand in hand, danced with actors with the tune of “Guozhuang Dance”, a dance of Tibetan people at the festival days, which put the performance to a new high.

The teachers and students from School of Music and Dances, SCUN, with their solid professional foundation, won applauses from all the audiences who tasted the unique charm of Chinese culture. At the end of the performance, the audience came to the stage to take photos with the actors, expressing their love and aspiration of Chinese culture.

The audience and actors, hand in hand, danced to the tune “Guozhuang Dance”. Photographed by Li Xiaochen.

After the performance, the leading officials of the SCUN Art Troupe paid a visit to KyrgyzNationalYouthCultureCenter. They watched the Fan Dance performed by the local children, and enter the Chinese Kongfu Classroom to experience enthusiasm of the local people toward Chinese culture.

As is reported, SCUN has been entrusted by Hanban with task of art performance for three successive years. Their performance at various countries have received warm applauses. During the period from Nov. 5 to Nov. 14 at the local time, the art troupe would put on five more performances at Hoche of Kyrgyz, Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, and Karachi.

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