The 2nd Wuhan International Symposium on Biological Signal Transduction (WISBST)is Held in SCUN
Author:Yu Guanghui, Xu Hang, Hu Mengxia Time:2016-01-16

The 2nd Wuhan International Symposium on Biological Signal Transduction was held on November 7th at the Academic Exchange Centre South-Central University for Nationalities (SCUN). This symposium was hosted by College of Life Sciences, SCUN, and co-organized by Hubei Society for Cell Biology. The symposium was strongly supportedbyInternational Cooperation & Exchange, Science and Technology Office, Western Returned Scholars Association and Overseas-Educated Scholars Association of SCUN.

Six foreign experts from U.S., Singapore, Canada and Japan, and six domestic experts from Wuhan University, South China Agricultural University and SCUN, the president of SCUN Li Jinlin, and representatives of teachers and students from Collegeof Life Sciences attended the symposium. The opening ceremony was hosted by QinRui, Dean of College of Life Sciences.

The photo of academic presentation. Photographed by JiaQingran and Yang Yang

Li Jinlin, the President of SCUN, delivered a welcome speech. Firstly, he introduced present development and achievement of SCUN. He pointed out, “A University cannot enjoy a prosperous future without the talent teachers.” He hoped that this symposium could offer a good platform and opportunity for the experts to share and exchange their research ideas, and hope that all the experts could have wonderful experiences during their stay in Wuhan.

On the symposium, twelve experts (including Prof. Bruce Daniel Freedman from University of Pennsylvania, Prof. Chenzhong Li Florida International University, Chao Wang from Singapore National Cancer Center, Prof. University of Pittsburgh, Prof. Shupeng Li University of Toronto, Haruhiko Inoue from Agricultural Science Research Institute of Japan, Prof. Pan Huaqing from South China Agricultural University, Prof. Sun Mengxiang from Wuhan University, Porf. Liu Qinghua, Porf. Dai Jiapei, Prof. Yang Xiaofei and Prof. Yu Guanghuifrom SCUN), delivered academic reports on the topics of the relationship between biological signal transduction and human health and disease, plant growth and agriculture development.And the relevant questions were answered and discussed.

Poster presentation, the third academic activity, was arranged in the hallway of Academic Exchange Centre. The experts introduced and discussedtheir research results. At last, the poster presentationwinners were awarded certificates by Prof. Qin Rui and Liu Qinghua, through assessment of the experts and under the host of symposium chairman Prof. Bruce Daniel Freedman.

More than two hundred persons participated in this symposium, and forty-three conference papers, thirty-twoposters were demonstrated. The symposium was held according to the standard of international academic conference, and all the written materials and official language were used in English. The symposium expanded the academic influence of College of Life Sciences; meanwhile, it facilitated the domestic teachers and students to get familiar with international academic criteria, andenhanced theacademic level of the faculty and students.

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