SCUN Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tongren City
Author:Tian Mengqing、Liu Zhanyong Time:2016-04-22

On the morning of March 11, SCUN and the municipal government of Tognren city signed strategic cooperation agreement in the People’s Hall of Tongren City. Prof. Duan Chao, Vice president of SCUN, and directors of relevant offices and schools and representatives of experts, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Tongren city Wang Kailu, the deputy mayor Zhang Zhenqiang and persons in charge from relevant departments of Tongren city were present at the signing ceremony.

The deputy mayor of Tongren city Zhang Zhenqiang delivered a welcome speech. He introduced the general situation of Tongren city, and pointed out that Tongren government has always been emphasizing the work of technology and education. Taking the educational development as the core work and important measure in improving people’s livelihood and alleviating poverty, the city has been emphasizing the “cooperation between government universities, cooperation between universities and enterprises, cooperation between universities and cooperation between universities and research institutes”. He said, under the guideline of “resources sharing, advantages complementing, mutual benefits and development,” SCUN and Tongren city would strengthen cooperation and would surely make greater developments.

Afterwards, on behalf of SCUN, Duan Chao signed “Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Tongren Government and SCUN” with Zhang Zhenqiang.

Duan Chao (left of the front row ) signed “Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Tongren Government and SCUN” with Zhang Zhenqiang(right of the front row ). Photograph provided by Tongren government

Duan Chao delivered a speech. He said that the strategic cooperation agreement signed between SCUN and Tongren government is an important measure to advance national "Innovation Driven" strategy, “Poverty Alleviation Plan to Contiguous Poverty Areas,” “Regional Development and Poverty Alleviation Plan at Wuling Mountain Areas”, and “Targeted Poverty Alleviation” work, and is beneficial to build a “All-round Moderately Prosperous Society.” As well, it is an important step to promote the construction of “Collaborative Innovation Center for Poverty Alleviation and Development at Wuling Mountain Areas”, promoting the innovation ability of SCUN. He expressed that under the framework of strategic agreement, SCUN and Tongren city would initiate a new stage and make great progress in the cooperation in the fields as the construction of think tank, technology service, development of technology and science, commercialization of science and technologies, talent cultivation, and culture construction,

Wang Kailu pointed out that this strategic cooperation agreement is the initiation of collaborative cooperation, which is of great significance. In the practical implementation of the agreement, the projects and tasks must be specific and detailed so as to ensure better commitment. One of the important bottlenecks of Tongren city is the lack of technology and talents. Based on this, two parties, aim at solving the problem of shortage in technology and talent by various means, such as field survey, talent cultivation, cadre training, and expert interaction, etc. In this way they would fully promote new strategic cooperation.

After the signature of agreement, both sides exchanged views to learn the other’s demand and supply in technology and talents. Duan Chao also talked with the leaders of Tongren College and Tongren Polytechnic College. Both universities expressed their wish for further cooperation. They hoped that SCUN could offer support and help in teacher training as well as academic research.



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