People's Government of Hongshan Signs Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation During the Period of 13th 5-year Plan with SCUN
Author:Lan Yaqiong Time:2016-05-01

On the afternoon of March 14, Li Donghui, the Party Secretary of Hongshan District, Chen Xingai, the director of Hongshan District , and chief officers of related departments visited SCUN to sign the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation during the Period of 13th Five-Year Plan. Leaders of SCUN, including Chen Dayun, Li Jinlin, Bai Jiangyuan, Zhao Xiaoshan, Qiao Junjie, Zhao Wen, and directors of related departments attended the signing ceremony at the Academic Exchange Center. Chen Yunda, Party Secretary of the university, presided over the signing ceremony.

The Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation during the Period of 13th Five-Year Plan was signed between Hongshan District People's Government and South-Central University for Nationalities.Photographed by Yang Zheng

Li Jinlin, president of the university, briefly introduced the basic situation of the university first. He pointed out that the Hongshan District People’s Government provided all- round support for improvement of school operation, students’ employment and entrepreneurship. Through the cooperation, he looked forward to promoting integration and mutual development between the university and Hongshan District.

Chen Xingai made a speech at the meeting. He firstly briefly introduced Hongshan District’s economic development, urban construction and livelihood improvement in recent years. He emphasized that we should take full advantage of well-educated talents and other resources available within the district to establish all –dimensional cooperation with other colleges and universities in the district and jointly establish the Town of Universities. He hoped that after the signing of the agreement, the government can do several tangible things annually beneficial for the university that would satisfy the demand of the teaching faculty and students, thus creating a high-quality cooperation program.

On behalf of Hongshan District People's Government and the University respectively, Chen Xingai and Li Jinlin signed the agreement.

Following Chen’s speech, Li Donghui delivered a speech, saying that Hongshan district boasts great potential and rapid development and abundant innovative resources that come from 600,000 undergraduates. Furthermore, as Wuhan has been approved as a Comprehensive Reform and Innovation Pilot City, the district must seize the opportunity to achieve four integrations, namely, industry-teaching-research integration, infrastructure construction integration, public services integration and talents-culture integration. He noted that signing one agreement was only a blueprint now, and the agreement should be implemented from aspects of project, policy, fund and operation mechanism.

Chen Dayun made a concluding speech. He firstly expressed his thanks to Hongshan District People’s Government for their concern and support to the development and construction of this university. He promised that the university would push forward the transformation of scientific research into practical use, and carry out national solidarity education and volunteer service activities, open the public resources to the society, and strengthen the cooperation between the university and the district. He added that after this agreement was signed, it would be implemented earnestly and the university would play an active role in establishing the Town of Universities.

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