SCUN Students Won Second Runner-up in the 11th “NXP”Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race Competition
Author:Wang Ting; Xiang Hong Time:2016-11-02

From August 17th to 20th, the national final of the11th “NXP”Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Racewas held at Central South University. Two teams from SCUN’s College ofElectronics and Information Engineering participated in this contest and wonthe national level first prize (second runner-up) and national level secondprize, respectively.

The 11th “NXP” Cup National University StudentsIntelligent Car Race Competition included the regional competition (8 in all)and the national final competition. And all the participant teams were furtherdivided into photo-electricity group, camera group, electromagnetic uprightgroup, electric rail group, beacon cross country group, and double car racegroup. 2500 teams from nearly 500 universities and colleges nationwideparticipated in the competition.

In the South China Regionals competition, 365 teamsfrom more than 80 universities and colleges were clustered into 6 groups. SCUN’sCollege of Electronics and Information Engineering and College of ComputerScience selected 6 teams to the contest, among which 4 teams won the fist prizein theSouth China Regionals and 2 teams won the second prizein the South China Regionals.

After the Regional competition selection, 253 teamsfrom more than 130 universities and colleges were promoted to the nationalfinal competition, and 2 teams from SCUN fought their way into the finalcompetition. “SCUN Electric Rail Team No. 1”, made up of 3 students, Ou Wen, HuLu and Pan Shengqiu from College of Electronics and Information Engineering,won the second runner-up in the electric rail group competition and thenational level first prize with an excellent performance of 22.022 seconds. “SCUNEquilibration Team No. 1”, consisted of 3 students, Yang Jianwen, Lin Yuchuan,and Rong Yuhang from College of Electronics and Information Engineering, alsoput into full play and won the national level second prize in theelectromagnetic upright group competition.

It is reportedthat the “NXP” Cup National University Students Intelligent Car RaceCompetition was entrusted by the Higher Education Division of the Ministry ofEducation to be hosted by Advisory Board on Automation Teaching in HigherEducational Institutions under the Ministry of Education. Facing universitystudents nationwide, it is a creative technology competition by usingintelligent vehicles as research objects. For many successive years, SCUN hasselected and sent students to participate and wins national level prizes everyyear, which clearly demonstrates SCUN’s outstanding achievement in thiscreative competition.

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