SCUN Students Entrepreneurship Project Won the Bronze Award in the 2016 China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition MBA Special Competition
Author:Zhou Hui Time:2016-11-09

Recently,the final competition of the 2016 China College Students EntrepreneurshipCompetition MBA Special Competition and E-Business Special Competition came toa close in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. SCUN’S Program “YudeIntelligent Cloud Control Energy Management System” won the Bronze Awardin the MBA Special Competition. Other three projects, Tea Boy, Enjoy LearningDriving, and Apple Vinegar,won the Excellent Award in the E-Business Special Competition.

10students from SCUN competed in the MBA Special Competition. They have beenbusying preparing for the competition since September last year. The MBA projectoperation team was made up of undergraduate and MBA graduate students from SCUNCollege of Computer Science and College of Management. The core of this projectwas energy monitoring and control. By making use of big data and Internet ofThings (IoT), the students managed to build a data analysis database. By modellingand analyzing the data, they finally got the most energy-saving and comfortableenergy parameters. Those parameters were mainly used in the fields of waterconsumption, power utilization and gas usage.

YangYecheng, a member of the operation team, as well as a Business AdministrationMajor junior student from SCUN College of Management, said to the journalist, “We had been waitingfor more than 4 months before the Organizing Committee informed us of thenational final competition. During the days when we were waiting for theirfinal notification, we were worried and anxious. But we told us everyday thatwe should focus on our project, make every effort to complete our project, andleave no regrets.” Having got the inform, they spent even more timethan ever before on modifying and revising their materials and improving thefunctions of products. During the two months when the Organizing Committee wereexamining and evaluating their project, they tried their best to continuously improvetheir project by making use of their summer vocation. At last, in the oraldefense part, 3 members presented to the evaluation experts their well-preparedPPT and showed an impressive ability to answer all the questions in regards toproduct function, technology science and market risk.

It is learned that the 2016 China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition wasco-sponsored by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministryof Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, ChinaAssociation for Science and Technology, All-China Students’ Federation, andSichuan Province Government, and organized by Communist Youth League SichuanProvincial Party Committee and Mianyang Municipal People’s Government. 895teams nationwide had participated in the Final Competition On-Line Appraisal.By appraising the team proposal, video and PPT presentation, the Organizing Committeedecided that only 206 teams could enter the final, and among which, 100 teamsentered the MBA Special Competition final. In the MBA Special Competition, 10gold award projects, 22 silver award projects, 56 bronze award projects and 12excellent award projects were awarded.

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