“Organic Selenium Tea Quality Monitoring and Tracking Intelligent System” from SCUN College of Computer Science Was Approved
Author:Yu Junle Time:2016-11-11

On the afternoon of August 27th, the project “Organic Selenium Tea Quality Monitoring and Tracking Intelligent System” carried out by professors Tie Jun, Mao Tengyue, and Wang Jiangqing from College of Computer Science was approved by expert panel from Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province at SCUN Academic Exchange Center. The evaluation committee consisted of 7 experts from Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Enshi Autonomous Prefecture Agricultural Bureau, and Enshi Autonomous Prefecture Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Associate Consultant Liu Lihua from the Research Result Division under the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province Government, Hefeng County People’s Government subprefect Qian Wenbin, director of the Science and Technology Bureau Yu Shaoli, director of the Agricultural Bureau Huang Hongqi, Vice President of SCUN Du Dongyun, and heads of relevant offices and schools attended the meeting. Qin Xinglong, Consultant from the Research Result Division under the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province Government hosted the evaluation meeting.


The evaluation meeting. Photographed by College of Computer Science.

Du Dongyun, Vice President of SCUN, said that, under the great support of Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province and many experts, SCUN’s College of Computer Science and Hefeng County have been closely working together on cooperation between university and government to improve local development through cooperation between universities and enterprises, and promote targeted poverty alleviation through driving industry development by technology, and have made quite a lot achievements. He hoped that the presenting experts could help provide more suggestions on the further implementation of this project.

During the evaluation meeting, the expert panel listened to their working report and technical research report on the project, and reviewed related materials. After full inquiries and discussion, the expert panel reached a conclusion that this project takes organic selenium tea as its research object, uses two-dimensional barcodes as product identification, and makes use of information application technology like the mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on the idea of information sharing and business collaboration, this project came up with the design idea of “three networks and one database”, promoted the organic link between different parts of industrial chain, integrated producing, testing, monitoring, and tracking, broke through the difficulty in tracking the producing place, production methods and quality of traditional organic selenium tea, and by means of which, the project helped improve the production benefit and efficiency, build a quality and safety monitoring system of tea, and finally obtained great economic and social benefits.

The expert panel all agreed that the research findings of this project have already reached advanced international levels, and they suggested that more efforts should be put into the commercialization of research and development deliverables.

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