SCUN’s Breakthrough in the Establishment of a National Social Science Foundation Art Project
Author:Pi Xin Time:2016-11-11

Recently, the list of the 2016 National Social Science Foundation Art Projects was released. The project “Research on the Artistic Value of the World Heritage Site - Tangya Tusi Ancient City Site” carried out by Professor Lei Yu from College of Fine Arts was approved as a funding project in general arts, which was a really important breakthrough in the establishment of National Social Science Foundation Art Projects at SCUN.

National Social Science Foundation Art Project is one of the three independent projects of National Social Science Foundation, as well as an important part of the national arts and science projects. This kind of projects is mainly applied to fund the scientific research on cultural and art and cultivation of cultural and art talents, promote culture and art construction and advances in discipline development, select a batch of young and middle-aged research talents who have important achievements and influence in the sub-fields of Arts, further improve the integral level of scientific research on art , and therefore make great contribution to the construction of art science innovation system, the development of art science and the construction of socialist cultural power. 

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