SCUN Student Entrepreneurship Program “Ethnic Style” Won the Second Prize in the 2nd Cross-Straits College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Author:Qian Hongliang Time:2016-12-09

Recently, the 2nd Cross-Straits CollegeStudent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition was heldat Wuhan Polytechnic University. SCUN student entrepreneurship program “EthnicStyle” won the second prize in this competition. Zhang Zhijun, director of theTaiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC attended the work exhibition,watched the programs road show and unveiled the “Cross-Strait CollegeStudent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition MemorialStone”.

The program “Ethnic Style” is an original APPproduct which combines Chinese ethnic culture with digital media technology andproduces cartoon characters with distinctive national and folk features. Theproject is developed and operated by the “7890 Team”, consisting of undergraduatestudents from School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, School ofComputer Science, School of Fine Arts, School of Ethnology and Sociology andSchool of Electronics and Information Engineering. Wu Moushuo from School ofComputer Science is the team adviser. On behalf of the whole team, five juniorstudents, Liu Yun, Ni Lijia, Zhang Yaqian, Huang Yue and Wang Yanwen, fromSchool of Fine Arts participated in the competition.

The competition was launched in August. Atotal of 283 pieces of works from Taiwan and Hubei Divisions participated inthe competition. The works covered Internet, E-Commerce, intelligent hardware, cultureinnovation, and modern Agriculture. Ten pieces of work from each division wereshortlisted for the quarter-final. Two first prizes, five second prizes andtwelve third prizes were awarded at the final competition. The 20 award-winningteams shared a bonus of 360 thousand RMB. Their projects could also enter Hubei(Wuhan) & Taiwan youth entrepreneurship incubator which could offer thempolicy advice, financial support and start-up training.

Established as one of the main activitiesof the 2016 Hubei (Wuhan) & Taiwan Week, the 2nd Cross-Straits CollegeStudent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition wasco-hosted by Taiwan Affairs Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government,Hubei Youth Federation, Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government,Wuhan Polytechnic University and Taiwan Chinese Youth EntrepreneursAssociation. The competition was aimed at carrying out and putting intopractice President Xi Jinping’svision that “we people on both sidesof the Straits are one family”, providing new carrierand setting up new platform for exchanges and cooperation betweenyouth across the Taiwan Straits.

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