ESC Rennes School of Business Delegation Visited SCUN
Author:Li Nan Time:2016-12-09

Onthe morning of November 23, ESC Rennes School of Business delegation visitedSCUN. Professor Li Junjie, Vice President of SCUN, met with the delegates atthe Academic Exchange Center. Leaders of SCUN’s Educational Affairs Office, GraduateSchool, International Affairs Office, School of Management and School ofEconomics attended this meeting.

During the meeting , Vice President LiJunjie firstly extended warm greetings and cordial welcome to Mrs. ShuBourgeon, the International Development Officer responsible for South-East AreaDevelopment at ESC Rennes School of Business. Then he made a comprehensiveintroduction of SCUN from the aspects of modest scale, distinguished feature,improving comprehensive competition, and open university. He said that, SCUNpays great attention to the improvement of talents’ quality and internationalcooperation and would like to establish intercollegiate relationship with ESCRennes so as to develop student and faculty exchange programs.

Mrs.Shu Bourgeon firstly extended their heartfelt appreciation to SCUN. Then sheintroduced the history, present developing status and students training modelof ESC Rennes School of Business. Programs like International BusinessNegotiation, International Marketing, International Finance, Supply ChainManagement at ESC Rennes are taught in English and have developed quitesuccessful. ESC Rennes have developed successful cooperation with someuniversities in Wuhan. She hoped that ESC Rennes School of Business and SCUN coulddevelop degree and non-degree granting programs and faculty exchange programsof mutual benefit.

Later,the two sides discussed and exchanged opinions on the collaborative potentialsof certain programs and reached initial cooperation intentions.

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