SCUN and UWP Confucius Institute Annual Advisory Board Meeting Successfully Closes
Author:Lu Siyu Time:2016-12-18

On December 13th, SCUN and UWP Confucius Institute 2016 Advisory Board Meeting was held at the International Academic Conference Center at SCUN. Dennis J. Shields, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, USA, as well as the Chair of the Board of Confucius Institute at UW-Platteville, his wife Andra Shields, Mei Reeder, the Director of Confucius Institute at UW-Platteville, our CPC Secretary Chen Dayun, President Li Jinlin, leaders of relevant departments and schools attended the meeting. President Li Jinlin hosted the meeting.

First of all, on behalf of our faculty and students from all 56 ethnic groups in China, President Li extended cordial greetings and warm welcome to the guests who have come afar. Then, he reviewed the collaboration between SCUN and UWP in various fields, the development history of CI since its establishment in 2008 and the achievements we have attained in the past years. He looked forward to the bright future of CI. In the last, he sincerely wished that the cooperation and exchange between SCUN and UWP would continue to be substantiated and expanded. President Li also congratulated Chancellor Shields on his winning a “Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award” at the 11th Confucius Institute Conference.

In his speech at the meeting, Chancellor Shields noted that, over the past years, based on the principle of mutual support and respect, UWP and SCUN have been closely working together to promote collaborative development. The CI at UW-Platteville has made steady progress under the great support of two sides. He owed his “Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award” to the joint efforts of SCUN and UWP. In the last, he hoped that UWP and SCUN could work together to sum up past experience, innovate and improve the currently existing collaborative programs, discuss collaborative potentials and enhance in-depth cooperation and exchange between UWP and SCUN.


Advisory Board Meeting. Photograph by Lu Yinyan

Later, Mei Reeder introduced CI’s work in 2016 and work plans for the year 2017 and beyond. The two sides discussed and exchanged opinions on the future development of CI, students training, faculty exchange, faculty training and other forms of collaboration of mutual interests. The two sides reached agreement on faculty training, joint scientific research, CI teacher resources and courses construction, the upcoming tenth-year anniversary preparation plan and other matters.

CPC Secretary Chen Dayun made a conclusion speech. He highly praised the cooperation and exchange between SCUN and UWP and CI’s work in the past years. He summarized what has been discussed in the meeting and required that the directors should come up with a plan for CI’s upcoming tenth anniversary in 2018. Within the framework of tripartite agreements between Confucius Institute Headquarters, SCUN and UWP, specific agreements corresponding to local requirements should be formulated between SCUN and UWP. Later, he made specific requests and put forward implementation suggestions for CI construction, faculty and students exchange, innovation and development of the MSEE program. In the last, he extended wishes to the future cooperation between SCUN and UWP and pinned his sincere hope on working together to open up new prospects for the development of our Confucius Institute at UW-Platteville.

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