Signing and Unveiling Ceremony of Graphene R&D Center Jointly Established between South-Central Minzu University 
Author:Yanan Gong, Xiang Liu Time:2017-03-09

On the afternoonof February 28th, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the GrapheneResearch and Development Center jointly established between South-Central MinzuUniversity and Guangdong Graphene and Carbon Source New Materials LimitedLiability Company was hosted at Chemistry and Materials Science College atSCMZU. SCMZU’s President Jinlin Li, relevant senior administrators fromChemistry and Materials Science College and Scientific Research and DevelopmentInstitute, Xianggang Wang, the Chairman of Guangdong Graphene and Carbon SourceNew Materials LLC, its manager Rongjiang Li and engineer Jinlong Zhang attendedthe inauguration ceremony. Professor Aiqing Zhang, Dean of Chemistry andMaterials Science College hosted the ceremony.

The R&DCenter fosters the director responsibility system. Professor Yingkui Yang fromChemistry and Materials Science College was named director of the center andChairman Xianggang Wang acts as the deputy director. Professor Jinlin Li is theleader of its Experts Advisory Board. During the ceremony, Prof. Yingkui Yangintroduced the establishment process of the Center and also its five-year-plan,analyzed Graphene’s strategic importance in “Made in China 2025” initiative andour national macro science and technology plan, China’s abundant graphiteresources and SCMZU’s present development of graphene research.


Jinlin Li (the forth from the right)and Xianggang Wang (the forth from the left)

unveil the plaque for the GrapheneResearch and Development Center.

Photographed by Yeye Zhang, ShunyaoTao, Xiaohui Tan

It is learnedthat the total amount of the Center’s signing fund is 5 million yuan. TheCenter will take full advantage of SCMZU’s key technologies and results inresearch and development of graphene preparation and electronic functionmaterials, work together with the Company to develop conductive slurry orientedfor electronic components packaging, adhesion and interconnection, and heatconduction and radiation materials oriented for LED, electronic packaging,battery and charging station.

ChairmanXianggang Wang emphasized in his speech that new material development plays acrucial role in the innovative development of a company. Establishing theCenter jointly with SCMZU will help their company to draw on the University’sscientific research strength, work together with SCMZU to gradually developgraphene into a leading industry, expedite material industries upgrading,transform and upgrade traditional industries and create the bright andprosperous future of graphene materials.

President JinlinLi made a speech at the ceremony. He said that theestablishment of the Graphene R&D Center is one of the highlights of theUniversity’s scientific research work in 2017. Its subject fits in well withthe actual circumstances and serves our national strategic needs. Besidesindustrializing graphene, the Center should also pay attention to the researchon other products, provides scientific and technological support for and playsan exemplary role to guide the industrialization of graphene. He also said thatour University will fully support the Center’s development and hopes that theUniversity and the Company can further deepen cooperation in other fields, suchas discipline construction, scientific research, students internship, trainingand employment.

Xianggang Wangand Donglan He, the executive Deputy Director of the University’s ScientificResearch and Development Institute, signed the Technology Development Contractand the Graphene R&D Center Establishment Agreement. President Jinlin Liand Chairman Xianggang Wang unveiled the plaque for the Graphene R&D Centerand took a group photo with other attendees.

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