Associate Professor Zehui Zhang’s Research Team Published Their Research Article in the Journal Science Advances 
Author:Shuai Xu; Liang Jiang Time:2017-03-09

On February 17th,2017,  Science Advances, theoffspring of Science-- an internationally renowned journal, published aresearch article of associate professor Zehui Zhang’s research team fromChemistry and Materials Science College in the field of nitrobenzene reduction(High performance of a cobalt–nitrogen complex for thereduction and reductive coupling of nitro compounds into amines and theirderivatives, 2017; 3: e1601945, Review the full text at joint first authors include a master candidate Peng Zhou and aundergraduate Liang Jiang. South-Central Minzu University is the sole unit. Itis also the first time that SCMZU ever publishes any research articles in theoffspring of Science.

In recent years, associate professorZehui Zhang’s research team have been conducting a series of innovativeresearch work in the field of environmentally benign catalytic transformation.They found that a kind of mesoporous Nitrogen doped cobalt catalyst wasprepared by pyrolysis and acid treatment of macrocyclic organiccobalt-containing complexes and silica under inert atmosphere. This catalystshowed extremely high activity and chemoselectivity toward the reduction ofnitrobenzene. For the first time, this article reported that at normaltemperatures and pressures non-noble metal catalysts catalyze the hydrogenationreduction of nitro compounds into amines, and the catalysts can also performthe catalytic transfer hydrogenation (CTH) and chemoselective reduction ofnitro compounds. And the cobalt–nitrogen (Co–Nx) complex was identified to be theactive site.

Aniline is an important intermediate of chemicalraw materials and fine chemicals, and is very widely used in the industries ofdyes, pharmaceuticals, explosive, spice, thiofide and special type functionalmaterials. At the existing technological level, either precious noble metalcatalysts are mainly used to prepare amines, or high hydrogen pressure isrequired. This research article helps to develop more environmental friendly,and economical method of synthesizing amines.

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