A Delegation from University of Northern Colorado Visits SCUN
Author:Ma Fengfan, Wu Wen Time:2017-03-23

OnMarch 14, Teresa McDevitt, Associate Provost of University of NorthernColorado, USA, Eugene Sheehan, Dean of College of Education and BehavioralSciences, Ginny Huang, Associate Dean of College of Education and BehavioralSciences and Meiren Chen, the Coordinator for Asian Partnership visited SCUN.Professor Du Dongyun, Vice President of SCUN, Pang Jianhua, Director of theUniversity’s International Affairs Office, and senior administrators andteachers from relevant departments and schools met with the guests andparticipated in the meeting. Prof. Bao Shengxiang, deputy director of InternationalAffairs Office, hosted the meeting.

Firstly,on behalf of South-Central University for Nationalities and its 26,800 facultyand students from all 56 ethnic groups in China, Vice President Du Dongyunextended his warm welcome and cordial greetings to the guests. In his speech,he said that, since the official establishment of partnership between SCUN andUNC in December, 2016, both sides have forged a deep friendship and devoted todeveloping collaborative programs and activities in mutual benefit ofrespective faculty and students. Associate Provost Teresa McDevitt spoke highlyof the mission and vision of SCUN and said that the two universities share alot in common.

Duringthe meeting, two sides introduced the basic condition of respective academics,international cooperation and collaborative objectives. Later, two sidesdiscussed on “3+1+1” and “2+2” student exchange programs. Ginny Huang proposedthat two universities could firstly start cooperation with the summer program,which could help the students to enhance their English proficiency as well asexperience the culture and campus life of UNC. Later, the two sides discussedon the student exchange programs in details and reached preliminary consensus.

Afterthe meeting, the international department of two universities will get intoeffective contact and work together to ensure the successful implementation ofthe programs of mutual interests and benefits, so as to provide morestudy-abroad opportunities for students at SCUN.

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