Vice President of St. Francis Xavier University Visits SCUN
Author:Li Nan Time:2017-04-26

Kevin B. Wamsley, the Vice President aswell as Provost of St. Francis Xavier University, Canada, and Donald Rasmussen,StFX’s China Program Officer, visited SCUN from March 16 to 18, 2017. On March17, Prof. Du Dongyun, Vice President of SCUN met with the guests andparticipated in the later meeting at SCUN’s Academic Exchange Center. SeniorAdministrators of relevant departments and some school heads joined themeeting. The two sides discussed on the collaborative programs of mutualinterest.

Firstly, Vice President Du Dongyun gave awelcome speech to the guests. In his speech, he said that, since the officialestablishment of partnership in 1998, in the spirit of mutual respect, mutualsupport and mutual benefit, SCUN and StFX have forged a deep friendship andimplemented cooperative programs in the fields of student and faculty exchange,high-level visits, joint scientific research and other programs of mutualinterest. He sincerely hoped that SCUN and StFX could closely work together toenhance cooperation and exchange and usher in another more brilliant decade ofcooperation.

Kevin Wamsley extended his heartfeltthanks to Vice President Du Dongyun and the International Affairs Office forSCUN’s thoughtful arrangements of the meeting. He said that, in the past years,StFX and SCUN have assisted each other in pursuit of development and thereforebrought benefits to respective students and faculty. He placed high importanceon the cooperation between SCUN and StFX and put forward some plans for thefuture cooperation. He sincerely hoped that practical and sustainablecooperation between StFX and SCUN could be deepened through regular high-levelvisits and effective communication between respective internationaloffices. 

Later, regarding the “2+2” program and oneacademic year or one semester program, Donald Rasmussen put forward some plansand suggestions for discussion. The two sides discussed on the subjects ofmutual interest and reached preliminary consensus.

After the meeting, Vice President KevinWamsley and Donald Rasmussen met with the exchange students who will come tostudy at StFX in the upcoming autumn semester and answered their questionsabout major, courses, campus life, accommodation, credits transfer, visaapplication, etc. 

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