School of Computer Science Helps Hefeng Prefecture to be Approved as “National Experimental Prefecture (City) of Argo-Products Quality and Safety”
Author:Zhang Yan Time:2017-04-26

Recently, the Ministry of Agricultureannounced the second batch of National Experimental Units of AgriculturalProducts Quality and Safety, among which there were ten prefectures and citiesof Hubei Province. Hefeng Prefecture, SCUN’s co-operation unit, also made thelist.

In recent years, in order to ensure thesolid implementation of the “Regional Development and Poverty-reductionPlanning for the Wuling Mountainous Area” and promote the scientificdevelopment of the Wuling Mountainous Area, SCUN signed an agreement withHefeng Prefecture on information strategic cooperation. Since April, 2015,according to the requirements and unified deployment of the State EthnicAffairs Commission and the University, the School of Computer Science organizedseveral field research in Feheng Prefecture, participated in the constructionof “Smart Hefeng”, developed a new path of ensuring the quality and safety ofagricultural products in the context of “Internet +” and made contribution tothe development of smart agriculture in Hefeng prefecture.

With the technological support of theSchool of Computer Science, Hefeng Prefecture took the lead in constructing areal-name system for purchasing agricultural products in Hubei Province, thefirst tea quality two-dimensional barcode tracing system in Enshi AutonomousPrefecture, a prefecture-level agricultural products quality and safety tracingplatform, and a information platform which can rapidly test the pesticideresidues in tea and vegetables. What’s more, the “Organic Selenium Tea QualityMonitoring and Tracing Intelligent System”, which was jointly developed bySchool of Computer Science and the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center ofHefeng Prefecture, was approved by Science and Technology Department of HubeiProvince and reached advanced international level.

It is learned that constructing NationalAgricultural Products Quality and Safety Prefecture (City) was under theunified arrangement of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council. Theactivity was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2014. Since itsimplementation, local people’s governments at various levels accord greatimportance to it. By constructing the Agricultural Products Quality and SafetyPrefecture (City), they accelerate the transformation of the pattern ofagriculture development, promote the development of modern agriculture,effectively enhance the market competitiveness of agricultural products, andensure the solid implementation of increasing the efficiency of industries aswell as farmers’ incomes. 

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