SCUN Student Teams were Designated as the Meritorious Winner in the 2017 Mathematical Contest In Modeling
Author:Dai Wanping Time:2017-04-26

Recently, the results of the 2017 Mathematical Contest InModeling (MCM)/the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) were announced.Eleven student teams representing SCUN participated in the contests andobtained outstanding achievements, including three Meritorious Winner and eightHonorable Mention in MCM contest and three Honorable Mention in ICM contest. Itis the very first time that SCUN student teams were designated as theMeritorious Winner in the MCM contest. It is also the first time that SCUNstudent teams participated in ICM contest and won good awards.

The MCM/ICM contest, an international disciplinarycontest, is hosted by Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP)and sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), theMathematical Association of America (MAA) and the Institute for OperationsResearch and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Every year, the MCM/ICMcontests dates are set for late January to early February. In 2017, 16,928teams from institutions in ten countries, including U.S., China, Britain,Australia, etc, participated in the contest.

SCUN attachedgreat importance to this contest. Relevant administration departments andschools provided supportive services to ensure students’ successfulparticipation in the contests. School of Biological Science and MedicalEngineering and School of Mathematics and Statistics carefully selected andorganized a faculty advisors team. Since July, 2016, faculty advisors providedcounseling and instruction for students in contest introduction, mathematicalmodeling, programming, technical writing, solution paper translation, creativepaper writing communication during weekends and summer holiday. It is learnedthat more than one hundred students participated in the modeling training everyyear. Students participating in the training have the chance to participate inthree contests, including China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling(CUMCM), the Mathematical Contest In Modeling (MCM) and the TipDM Big DataMining Race, which create positive environment for students to improve theirinnovation capacity. 

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