SCUN and MSU Officially Signs the MOU
Author:Liu Xiang, Lu Siyu Time:2017-04-26

On the morning ofApril 11, Dr. James Baker, the Vice President for Research and EconomicsDevelopment and International Programs of Missouri State University, ProfessorGuo Aimin and Associate Professor Li Yuandong, MSU consultants, visited SCUN.Prof. Chen Dayun, CPC Secretary of SCUN, Prof. Li Jinlin, President of SCUN,and Prof. Du Dongyun, Vice President of SCUN met with the guests at SCUN’sInternational Academic Conference Center. Wu Jinguang, the Deputy DirectorGeneral of the International Exchange Department of the State Ethnic Affairs Commissionalso attended the meeting. Other participants included the heads of theInternational Affairs Office, Educational Affairs Office, Office ofOrganization and Personnel, Student Affairs Office, the Graduate School and theCenter for Faculty Development. Prof. Du Dongyun hosted the meeting.

f.Li Jinlin and Dr. James Baker sign the MOU on behalf of SCUN and MSU. Photographed by Chen Ke and ZhangYeye

Prof. Li Jinlinextended his warm welcome and cordial greetings to the guests on behalf of thefaculty and students of SCUN. In his speech, he firstly introduced the overallsituation of SCUN. He emphasized that SCUN attaches great importance to theexchange and cooperation with universities overseas. In recent years, SCUN hasestablished partnership with many universities in the world. And he sincerelyhoped that SCUN and MSU could implement collaborative programs in the fields offaculty and students exchange, joint scientific research, high-level visits andother programs and activities of mutual interests, so as to benefit ourrespective faculty and students.

Dr. James Bakersaid that MSU has successfully implemented many joint educational programs withuniversities in China. He hoped that MSU and SCUN could establish a long-termcommunication mechanism in the spirit of mutual understanding and mutualbenefit. He also introduced two collaborative programs, the dual master degreeprogram (Master of Professional Studies) and the customized training programsby MSU’s International Leadership and Training Center. Later, he answered otherparticipants’ questions regarding the the customized training programs, facultytraining program, undergraduates and graduates exchange program, and came upwith some feasible proposals depending on the distinguished features andrealistic situation of SCUN.

Later, the twosides discussed on the topics including faculty teaching and academic exchange,postgraduates and undergraduates exchange, dual master degree program and othertopics of mutual interests. Through the discussion, the two sides reached aninitial consensus.

Deputy DirectorGeneral Wu Jinguang extended a conclusion speech. He thought that this meetinghas laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between SCUN and MSU. Hehoped that SCUN and MSU could exchange views on questions of common concern andmake fruitful achievements in teaching and research, faculty training and othercollaborative fields in the near future. He also hoped that more ethnic minoritystudents could go to universities overseas to improve competence, enlarge theirscope of knowledge and expand their view of life.

In the end, Prof.Li Jinlin and Dr. James Baker signed the MOU on behalf of SCUN and MSU.

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