SCUN Student Team Won First Prize in Global Management Challenge (GMC) China National Final
Author:Pan Wenjie, Dong Yinghong Time:2017-04-26

Recently, the organizing committee of Global Management Challenge (GMC)announced that student team of “Lang Li Ge Lang” representing SCUN showedoutstanding performance and was awarded the first prize in the 37thEduGlobal Global Management Challenge (GMC) China National Competition.

The Global Management Challenge (GMC) isthe largest strategy and management competition in the world, originallydeveloped by a group of management researchers from Europe and is now regardedas the company management simulations “Olympic Games”. The GMC focuses onmanagement decision and its contents involve company development strategy, production,research, marketing, human resources, investment and finance. By simulatingmanaging a company within a realistic business environment in market economy,university students are given the opportunity to develop and enhance theircapacity for overall and comprehensive view, systematic thinking, correctdecision-making, and flexible reaction to different occasions. In 2016,approximately 2,000 teams from over 150 institutions in China participated inthe national competition. 16 teams finally entered the national final(including semi-final and final) after they successfully passed thepreliminary, quarter-final and semi-final, which continued for fourmonths.  

The University attached great importanceto the competition. Innovation and Entrepreneurship School and the School ofManagement staged a positive drive for the competition on campus, organizedstudents to sign up and provided specialized training for students. A total of60 teams participated the competition. 29 teams entered the quarter-final, 5teams reached the semi-final and 1 team finally went through to the nationalfinal. Under the instruction of professor Zhang Qiulai and Dong Yinhong fromSchool of Management, the team of “Lang Li Ge Lang” representing SCUN finallywon the first prize in the national final, which was also the second time thatSCUN won a first prize in the GMC national final. 

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