Wisconsin State Educators and Students Delegation Visit SCUN
Author:Qin Zheng; Li Kaiyou Time:2017-06-23

On the morning ofJune 4, SCUN host a opening ceremony to welcome a delegation consisting of 25educators and students from 6 universities and organization in Wisconsin State,USA. Principal heads of Educational Affairs Office, International Affairs Office,School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, School of PhysicalEducation, Dr. Mei Reeder, the director of the Confucius Institute atUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville, and the 25 educators and students attendthe ceremony. Prof. Bao Shengxiang, deputy director of the InternationalAffairs Office, hosts the meeting.


It is the second time that SCUN and UWPjointly organize the Chinese language and culture experiencing program underthe instruction of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. Prof. Pang Jianhua,director of International Affairs Office, delivers a welcome speech at theopening ceremony. He introduces the overall arrangements to the delegationmembers. The educator and student representatives then make a speech. Theyextend appreciation to SCUN for the wonderful arrangements and hospitality andalso express their anticipation for the profound and magnificent Chineseculture and the upcoming activities. Later, they watch SCUN publicity video andtake a group photo.



The summer programwill last for 9 days. SCUN has specially designed and arranged culturalexperiencing courses like martial arts training, paper-cutting, calligraphy,learning Chinese language and a series of activities like lectures on China’sethnic cultures, appreciating dancing performance and Chinese musicalinstruments performance, visiting Ethnology Museum, learning to make dumplings,home-stay at host family, sightseeing in Wuhan, outdoor field trip to MulanGrassland Landscapes, etc.

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