The 8th Hubei Plant Biology Conference Opens at SCUN
Author:Dan Wei Time:2017-11-29

On September 29,the 8th Hubei Plant Biology Conference is held at the AcademicExchange Center. This conference is co-hosted by National Plant Gene ResearchCenter (Wuhan) and Genetics Society of Hubei Province, organized by WulingMountain Areas Plant Species Protection and Utilization Key Laboratory of HubeiProvince, College of Life Sciences at SCUN. More than 260 experts and scholarsfrom universities and institutions including Wuhan University, HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academyof Sciences, participate in this conference. Prof. Qin Rui, dean of College ofLife Sciences, hosts the conference.

Vice PresidentDu Dongyun extends an opening speech. He introduces the development of theBiology discipline at SCUN and hopes that the participating experts andscholars can give more support to the construction and development of theBiology discipline at SCUN. Academician Zhang Qifa from Huazhong AgriculturalUniversity retrospects the organization history of Hubei Plant Biology Conferenceand International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics and fully affirms theimportance of Hubei plant science research in the world.

Thefollowing keynote speech sessions are hosted by Prof. He Guangyuan from HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology and Prof. Wu Changyin from HuazhongAgricultural University.

Prof. XiongLizhong from Huazhong Agricultural University, Prof. Li Lijia from WuhanUniversity, Prof. Yu Guanghui from South-Central University for Nationalities,Prof. Li Shaoqing from Wuhan University, Associate Prof. Zou Jun from HuazhongAgricultural University, Prof. Xu Feng from Yangtze University, etc., givereports on research on drought tolerance of rice, epigenetics in plants PCD,study on gamma - hydroxybutyricacid metabolism, molecular mechanism in riceplant type, subgenome molecular variation in rape population, functionalanalysis of metabolic pathway transcription factor in Ginkgo biloba L..

The reportsession in the afternoon is hosted by Prof. Zhang Chi from Hubei University forNationalities and Prof. Li Shaoqing from Wuhan University. Associate Prof.Zhang Peng from South-Central University for Nationalities and Prof. Dai Xigangfrom Jianghan University give keynote reports on mechanism of TcWRKY47transcription factor regulating taxane biosynthesis in Taxus chinensis,screening and application of endophytic fungi in medicinal plants,identification and breeding of purple Caitai Germplasm resources, etc.. Theparticipating experts exchange opinions, clarify ideas, and achieve the desiredresults.

It is learned that theconference receive 113 Chinese and English papers, with topics on plant stress,plant basal metabolism, rice yield and etc.. The conference exhibits the latestresearch results on plant biology in colleges and universities and scientificresearch institutions in Hubei province, promotes exchanges and cooperationamong researchers, and renders great support to the innovation and developmentof plant biology discipline in  Hubeiprovince, and the application of plant research results in agriculturalproduction practices.

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