York St John University Visit SCUN
Author:Wang Rui, Hong Yi Time:2018-05-14

On the afternoon of November 24, Prof. Rob Aitken, Deputy Vice Chancellor forResearch and International of York St John University, UK, visits SCUN. Headsand representatives from School of Art and Design, School of Literature,Journalism and Communication, School of Computer Sciences, School of ForeignLanguages, and International Affairs Office meet with Prof. Aitken at theAcademic Exchange Center. Associate Professor Bao Shengxiang, deputy directorof International Affairs Office, hosts the meeting.

BaoShengxiang firstly extends a warm welcome to Prof. Aitken. He said that SCUNattaches great importance to promoting educational internationalization and isdevoted to cultivating high-quality talents with international vision. Prof.Aitken’s visit will greatly help enhance mutual understanding and promoteexchange and cooperation between two universities in education. Later, hebriefly introduces the general situation, characteristics, disciplineadvantages, international exchange and cooperation of SCUN.

Prof.Aitken extends his most sincere appreciation to SCUN. He also introduces thecondition of the student cultivation and international cooperation of York StJohn University. He hopes that two universities can collaborate in student andfaculty exchange. He says that York St John University is equipped with greateducational resources and facilities and has been devoted to promoting internationalcooperation for years.

Schoolof Art and Design, School of Foreign Languages, School of Computer Sciences andSchool of Literature, Journalism and Communication discuss with Prof. Aitkenabout potential collaborative programs and reach a preliminary consensus whichhelp build a foundation for future steps.

Establishedin 1841, York St John University is a modern university with a proud heritage. Theiracademic reach is broad and grow very quickly. York St John University is 3rdin the UK for the promotion of academics with a formal teaching qualification. Theacademics are committed to teaching and support students. York St JohnUniversity greatly values international cooperation and establishes partnershipwith universities around the world. With their international links, studentsfrom more than 100 countries study at York St John University.

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