SCUN Celebrated Global “Confucius Institute Day”
SCUN Organized the Third National Symposium on English Translation of Chinese Ethnic Minority Classics
SCUN’s Breakthrough in the Establishment of a National Social Science Foundation Art Project
SCUN Students Entrepreneurship Project Won the Bronze Award in the 2016 China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition MBA Special Competition
SCUN Students Won Second Runner-up in the 11th “NXP”Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race Competition
People's Government of Hongshan Signs Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation During the Period of 13th 5-year Plan with SCUN
SCUN Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tongren City
The National Science and Technology Support Program Undertaken by SCUN “High-efficient Comprehensive Utilization of Rhodochrosite, Key Technology of P
SCUN Art Troupe Put on First Performance at Mid-Asia
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