SCUN Student Entrepreneurship Program “Ethnic Style” Won the Second Prize in the 2nd Cross-Straits College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship
SCUN Celebrated Global “Confucius Institute Day”
SCUN Organized the Third National Symposium on English Translation of Chinese Ethnic Minority Classics
SCUN’s Breakthrough in the Establishment of a National Social Science Foundation Art Project
SCUN Students Entrepreneurship Project Won the Bronze Award in the 2016 China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition MBA Special Competition
SCUN Students Won Second Runner-up in the 11th “NXP”Cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race Competition
People's Government of Hongshan Signs Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation During the Period of 13th 5-year Plan with SCUN
SCUN Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tongren City
The National Science and Technology Support Program Undertaken by SCUN “High-efficient Comprehensive Utilization of Rhodochrosite, Key Technology of P
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