Prof. Zhang Ruimin from SCUN Awarded “National Model Teacher”
Prof. Zhang Ruimin from SCUN Awarded “National Model Teacher”

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC and the 35th Teachers’ Day, to show respect to teachers and attach importance to education, and to reinforce teachers’ and educators’ sense of honor and responsibility, MOHRSS and Ministry of Education of PRC recently commended the advanced collective from the education system, “national model teacher” and “advanced worker from the national education system”. Prof. Zhang Ruimin from the School of Marxism, SCUN was awarded with “national model teacher”.

Prof. Zhang Ruimin from SCUN is Awarded “National Model Teacher”

Prof. Zhang Ruimin has worked on the front-line teaching post for 31 years. She devotes to the education career for the Communist Party, showed professional ethics, scientific attainments and lofty character, and won great praise from colleagues, students and the society. Prof. Zhang is the gainer for young and middle-aged Theorist of Marxism Project of Hubei, and the academic committee member of “Research Institution for Poverty Reduction and Development in Wuling Mountain”. Prof. Zhang was awarded with the advanced educator for ideological and political education of University in Hubei, the core teacher of the ideological and political theory course, “top teacher’s model lesion”, outstanding member of Communist Party of SCUN and advanced individual for “Education for Teaching, Management and Service”.

Prof. Zhang devotes to the political education course with heart, and has instructed courses of history of Chinese revolution, introduction to Deng Xiaoping Theory, Mao Zedong thought and introduction to the theoretical system of socialism of Chinese characteristics etc., and she also engages in teaching for the undergraduate, master and doctor. Prof. Zhang imparts knowledge and educates student as her bounden duty and builds every lesson with utmost care. She explored a hybrid teaching for the great changes and fast renewal of the political education course, trying to provide an efficient course for the students. And her courses have been elected excellent for times. Prof. Zhang persists teaching research and undertakes many teaching reform projects of provincial and university level. The course of introduction by her is awarded with excellent course resource of province level. She led and initiated the practical education festival of “Navigation Cup” of SCUN, and explored a new mode for the combination of primary and secondary classes, integration of theoretical and practical teaching. By far, the “Navigation Cup” has been organized for 8 times and over 7,000 students joined every time. The “Navigation Cup” has now become a famous brand for ideological and political education work in Hubei Province and by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Prof. Zhang contributes to professional articles with intelligence and has been focusing on the theoretical and practical research on anti-poverty in minority regions for long. As the expert from the research center of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics of Hubei, Prof. Zhang spends much time leading the young teachers and students to make investigation in the countryside in minority regions; focuses more on problems of the performance of the poverty-relief work and poverty reduction in minority regions since the 18th NCCPC and has made great progress. The research on anti-poverty by her was supported by the national social science foundation for two times and by the scientific research project of provincial level for three times; related investigation reports were accepted by the People’s Government of Enshi Autonomous Prefecture with great emphasis, and also appraised by leaders from the Poverty Relief Office of Hubei and National Ethnic Affairs Commission and won the investigation award. A series of papers on anti-poverty get a favorable reception by the educational circles and the society and many of her papers won awards by press and publicity department of the poverty relief office of the state council, publicity department of provincial Party committee, Hubei Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles, Wuhan City and Professional Society.

(Editor: Liu Hong;  Source: Human Resource Office)