The 3rd Wuhan International Seminar on Biological Signal Transduction Held in SCUN
The 3rd Wuhan International Seminar on Biological Signal Transduction Held in SCUN

On November 6 to 8, the 3rd Wuhan International Seminar on Biological Signal Transduction was held at the Academic Exchange Center, which was co-hosted by Hubei Provincial Society for Cell Biology, Hubei Province Genetics Society and the SCUN and co-organized by the College of Biological Science, the College of Biomedical Sciences and Hubei Provincial Association of Technology and Market. The conference was attended by more than 50 experts and scholars from eight countries and regions, leaders of the SCUN including Bian Jing, Li Jinlin, Du Dongyun, Song Fajun, teacher and student representatives of the two colleges mentioned above.

With the theme of “biological signal transduction”, the conference was made up of a main venue and a venue for plant development, a venue for animal development and a forum of young scholars. At the opening ceremony, Li Jinlin, the president of SCUN, delivered a welcoming speech, introduced the related details about the construction and development of SCUN and hoped that the experts and scholars attending the event could continue to support the development of SCUN as usual. Professor He Guangcun from Wuhan University stated the significance of the seminar for promoting the development of ethnic regions and called on universities and research institutes to pay more attention to the resource protection and utilization of ethnic regions.

A scene of the 3rd Wuhan International Seminar on Biological Signal Transduction. Photo by Bahadir

The seminar has invited many renowned experts and scholars from countries such as America, Belgium and Austria and China, including Professor Jose A. Feijo from the University of Maryland, Professor Wojtek Pawlowski from Cornell University, Professor Alice Y. Cheung from the University of Massachusetts, Professor Danny Geelen from Ghent University, Professor Wang Yingxiang, a young Yangtze River Scholar from Fudan University, Professor Zhou Yan from Wuhan University, Professor Peng Liangcai, a Yangtze River Scholar and Professor Yan Shunping, a member of the Thousand Young Talents Program from Huazhong Agricultural University, Professor Li Ning from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Lilan, a member of the Hundred Talents Program of Zhejiang and a research fellow from Zhejiang University and many experts and scholars from the two colleges of SCUN mentioned above. They have made major discoveries and prominent contributions in their research fields.

On the morning of November 7, at the main venue, Professor Jose A. Feijo, Professor Alice Y. Cheung, Professor Dai Jiapei from the College of Biological Science of SCUN and Professor Frederic Berger from Austria Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology respectively made a keynote report on such topics as inter-cellular signal transduction and molecular regulation of biological system. In the afternoon, academic discussions were launched on plants, animals and microorganisms at the venue for plant development, the venue for animal development and the venue for young scholars. On the morning of November 8, the attending experts and scholars visited the College of Biological Science, discussed on further cooperation and exchanges, and selected excellent academic posters of the attending graduates.


During the seminar, the attending experts and scholars launched exchanges and discussions on the contents of reports in a heated academic atmosphere. With rich contents, the seminar has promoted the academic exchanges of experts at home and abroad on related fields of biological signal transduction, provided a platform for scholars, particularly young scholars at home and abroad to show their scientific research prowess, boosted communication and cooperation and achieved a good effect.