Students of SCUN Win Championship in “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-2019
Students of SCUN Win Championship in “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-2019

On April 12, the final of “Throw in Trash National Youth Social Practice Competition” 2018-2019 was held at Beijing Forestry University. After a series of selections such as campus competition, regional competition, national preliminary, community practice and national final, the “Take You Home” team of SCUN, depending on its creative practice plan and outstanding performance at the site, won the unanimous recognition from the judges of Mars Wrigley China, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, China Private Equity Fund and the communities of creative marketing, innovative thinking and environment protection and won the national championship and the chance of a “trip of environment protection inspection” to Taiwan to learn its advanced experience and cases of “disposing wastes properly”.

With a theme of “Throw in Trash”, the competition called on all youngsters and students to pay attention to environment issues of the campus or surrounding communities and come up with a solution and put it into practice in one month. The effect of the project will be evaluated in the end. The participants will show their talent on the stage of national final. The difference of the competition from the conventional ones is that it provides the participants with the time and financial support for them to fulfill their plan, puts their creativity under a complex test in reality, so that they will have a deeper understanding of environment protection and public welfare.

Under this context, the “Take You Home” team composed of three students, namely Fang Rui and Zhang Wenhao, majors of resource and environment science enrolled into the School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2017 and Wu Dengyue, a major of pedagogy enrolled into the School of Education in 2017, guided by two teachers, Chen Zhuxiang from the School of Culture, Journalism & Communication and Chen Yingming from the school of natural resources and environment, started from discovering the environmental problems in the campus and surrounding communities. After brainstorming, designing a scheme, exhibiting the scheme, putting it into practice and demonstration at the final, it took nearly seven months for the students to gradually perfect their scheme Finding Mom for Trash. The scheme focused on the common things in our life, namely shells of melon seeds and chewing gum residues vomited and abandoned randomly on the floor. By improving the external package of the products, they have applied for and won a design patent for the Environment-friendly Bag of Melon Seeds (an application is also submitted for the external package of chewing gum). They have fulfilled the design concept of “creating a great public benefit with a low cost” and created space for commercial application.

It’s reported that the event was co-launched by Wrigley Foundation and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in 2013 under a philosophy of “throwing trash into dustbins to make difference to the world”, with an aim to advocate the awareness of “wrapping trash well rather than throw it randomly”, cultivate the habit of responsible citizens to dispose trash properly and create cleaner and greener communities. The project aims to gather up young students who are creative, enthusiastic in environment protection and brave in practice to apply commercial thinking and innovative awareness, develop environment protection plans and participate in the public welfare practice, call on more community citizens to consciously form a good habit of “no littering”, explore their own potential in the competition and foster their own entrepreneurial spirit.

(Edited by Chen Pengbing, source: The department of student affairs)