Han Xiaole Attending the Launching Ceremony of National Science Week
Han Xiaole Attending the Launching Ceremony of National Science Week

On August 23, the launching ceremony of the 2020 National Science week was held in Beijing. Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council; Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee; and responsible persons of relevant departments of the central and state organs and Beijing Municipality attended the launching ceremony and other relevant activities. Bian Bazasi, member of the party group and deputy director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, attended the launching ceremony. Han Xiaole, a young teacher of School of Chemistry and Materials science, first prize winner of the National Science Popularization Explanation Competition and the national top ten science popularization emissary, was invited to give a popular science explanation during the National Science Week. 

With Scientific Epidemic Prevention and Control” as the theme of her speech, Han Xiaole analyzed the lessons we had drawn from the history of human’s battle against various plagues, and vividly introduced the vital role the development of science and technology in China had played in epidemic prevention and control under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, as well as the effective support scientific and technological workers and popular science workers had provided for epidemic prevention and control.

Han Xiaole attended the launching ceremony of the 2020 National Science week. 

Photo by Propaganda Department of the Party Committee. 

It took her only three days to write the script for the speech and finish the speech. She said that thanks to her everyday accumulation and concentration on work, she was able to complete the task despite tremendous stress and physical discomfort. She also said that she was honored to attend the opening ceremony of the 20th anniversary of the National Science Week as a representative of science commentators to show the work that science commentators usually do and display the role of science popularization in fighting the epidemic so that more people would pay more attention to and know more about science popularization. 

After the launching ceremony was over, accompanied by Li Xuefeng, deputy director of the Department of Education and Technology, and du Dongyun, vice president of SCUN, Bian Bazasi paid a special visit to Han Xiaole and had a cordial conversation with her to learn about her work. Bian Bazasi expressed his appreciation for her spirit of hard work and innovation, and for her contribution to the development of science popularization in colleges and universities for nationalities. Bian Bazasi encouraged her to continue to work in field of science popularization, shoulder the responsibility to promote science popularization, innovate science popularization services and the means of science popularization, and make more contributions to science popularization for ethnic minorities and in ethnic minority areas.

Han Xiaole said that she would continue her research on the theory of science popularization in a modest and peaceful state of mind, produce more popular science and cultural products, improve students' scientific and cultural literacy, assume more social responsibility as a university teacher, and provide more service for ethnic minority areas. 

In 2019, Han Xiaole won the first prize in the National Science Popularization Explanation Competition on behalf of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, won the title of National Top Ten Science Popularization Ambassadors, and was praised by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, which displayed her elegant demeanor as a teacher in a university for nationalities. During the Covid-19 epidemic, responding positively to the call of the CPC Central Committee, based on the precise measures adopted by the central government in epidemic prevention and control, she created a series of short videos on COVID-19 vaccine, resumption of work and production, asymptomatic infection, history of plague all over the world, and other hot, difficult and sensitive issues that the Chinese people were deeply concerned about at that time. After these videos were launched on Xuexi.cn, kepu.gov.cn, v.people.cn, and other official platforms, they have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life with over 3 million hits.

It is reported that since the National Science Week was held for the first time in 2001, it has been held for 19 consecutive years, and has become a popular science brand event with the highest public participation, the widest coverage and the greatest social influence. The theme of this year's National Science Week is Innovation-driven Science and Technology for Fighting Epidemic”, which aims at demonstrating the important role science and technology has played in fighting the epidemic and the related research results. 

During the National Science Week, SCUN carried out 7 online and offline science popularization activities, including tie-dyeing popular science activities, exhibition and broadcast of popular science works in fighting the epidemic, introduction to Nobel Prize in Chemistry (bilingual), online introduction to national treasures, Lianliandong” science popularization activities, live-streaming science popularization, and online visit to museums.