SCUN’s 19 Works Won Prizes in Hubei University College Students Arts Festival Selection
SCUN’s 19 Works Won Prizes in Hubei University College Students Arts Festival Selection

Recently, Hubei Province 7th College Students Art Festival announced the selection results of excellent cultural programs. SCUN won 15 first prizes and 4 second prizes, of which 9 works were awarded the "Excellent Creation Award."

Under the leadership of the SCUN’s party committee, the Youth League Committee and the School of Music and Dance regard organizing competition participation as an important carrier for the school’s aesthetic education, thus devoting several months to carefully preparation, creating a good atmosphere, repeatedly polishing the works, and coordinating the selection and application of various works. In the end, 15 works including the chorus "Against the Wind" won the first prize, and 4 works including the drama "Wu Zelin" won the second prize. In addition, among the award-winning works, the group dance "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" and other 8 works won the Excellent Creation Award.

The Hubei Provincial College Students Art Festival is sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education and held every three years, which is a provincial-level selection competition for national college student arts performances. With the theme of "Struggle· Innovation· Dedication", this College Students Arts Festival is an important stage to showcase the achievements of Hubei colleges’ campus culture construction and college students’ fine arts, as well as the effectiveness of school aesthetic education. In addition, SCUN also won the Excellent Organization Award in this event. Three award-winning works including the folk music ensemble "Silk Road" will represent Hubei Province to participate this year's 6th National College Students Arts Performance.

(Editor: Liu Hong    Source: Youth League Committee)

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