Professor Long Xietao of Peking University Teaches Cultural Confidence and Cultivating & Casting Education in Colleges and Universities
Professor Long Xietao of Peking University Teaches Cultural Confidence and Cultivating & Casting Education in Colleges and Universities

On the evening of May 16, the 50th lecture of South Lake Forum jointly held by the propaganda department of the party committee and the editorial department of the journal was held in the academic exchange center. Professor Long Xietao, member of Chinese Writers' Association, former chief editor of Peking University Journal and former President of National Association of College Journal of Liberal Arts, was invited to give a special lecture on cultural confidence and and cultivating & casting education in colleges and universities. Vice President Duan Chao attended and presided over the lecture. Representatives of teachers and students of marxism college, literature and biography college and law college participated in the activity.

Professor Long Xietao is a member of the ministry of education's project of publishing, a member of the Chinese publishing government awards, and a member of the national press, publication, radio and television administration's top 100 newspapers. He has won the titles of National Top 100 Publishing Workers and Influential Periodical Person of 60 Years of New China. He has published six books, created a large number of poems, songs and essays, and won the first Zhu Guangqian Award for Aesthetic Works.

The lecture focuses on four key words: cultural confidence, cultivating & casting, patriotism & advancement and national rejuvenation. Professor Long Xietao first introduced the background and profound connotation of cultural confidence and cultivating & casting, and further explained the significance of culture as the spiritual home of the people, the spiritual blood of the nation, and the foundation of national development and prosperity. He shared his thoughts on cultivating & casting through the laws of national spirits rising and fading. Professor Long Xietao proposed that to cultivate cultural confidence, we need to emphasize the national spirit. Later, he explained the connotation of national spirit in simple terms according to relevant important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, combined with the ancient and modern realities and his personal work Ode to Campus of Peking University.

Professor Long Xietao demonstrated the path of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and reflected the patriotism & advancement of the Chinese nation through eight landmark events from the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945 to the 18th national congress of the communist party of China in 2012. He explained the profound significance of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945 with the Inscription on Monument of Southwest Associated University by Mr. Feng Youlan. He hoped the students could study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the growth of young people and be striders and dreamers of the new era bravely.

During the interactive session, student representatives asked questions about the lecture theme and professor Long Xietao's creative experience. Professor Long Xietao replied one by one and shared with the students his experience of creating the Olympic Wind from the World and elegiac couplet for Mr. Ji Xianlin's funeral service rites.

Editor: Chen Pengbing      

Source: Propaganda Department of Party Committee