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"Curriculum ideological and political education" Demonstration Open Class Principles of Management Starts

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From the primitive gregarious life of slash-and-burn cultivation to magnificent ancient buildings such as the Great Wall and the Pyramid, to the well-known national fast food brand "True Kung Fu", these familiar pictures have triggered everyone's thinking of the relationship between management practice, management thinking and management theory. On the afternoon of December 31, 2020, the school-level "Curriculum ideological and political education" demonstration open class Principles of Management of the School of Management was held in Building 5. The demonstration open class team consisted of four teachers who have taught Principles of Management for a long time, including Xie Jialong, Li Jie, Zhang Qiulai and Xiong Kanxia. Xie Jialong, the course leader, gave the lecture, and the specialty leader, the teaching supervisor of the school and the teachers from the teaching and research section of human resource management observed the open class.

Xie Jialong taught the demonstration open class Pioneer of Scientific Management.

Photo provided by the School of Management

After briefly introducing the era background of classical management theory, teacher Xie Jialong played some film clips of Modern Times to get an direct understanding of the practical value of scientific management through montage-style artistic performance, focused on the life history, experimental design and academic contributions of the three fathers of management, i.e., Taylor, Fayol, Weber's, and guided the students to establish correct principles of life and work and adhere to the dialectical materialist world outlook and methodology from the arduous creation of classical management theory. Finally, by paying tribute to the pioneers of management, remodeling scientists as heroes of the era weathercock, and he guided the students to cultivate the realistic and innovative spirit of "Everything is only for the truth".

The demonstration open class ended with warm applause. After class, some teachers said that “promoting curriculum ideological and political construction is an important measure to maintain a section of the channel and plant responsibility field, so that various courses and ideological and political courses can go in the same direction and form a synergistic effect.” They will dig the ideological and political education elements contained in the curriculum taught in the future, organically integrating knowledge transfer, ability training and ideals, beliefs, values, and moral concepts to construct a new curriculum education system.

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