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Principal’s Live Streaming to Promote Transformation of SCMZU’s Achievements in Science and Technology

author:Written by Qian Jiaojiao and Lan Yongli On the mor Time:Dec 22, 2020 page views:

On the morning of June 27th, 2020 “Kehui” Action Online Promotion of University Achievements in Science and Technology——SCMZU special activity, organized by Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department and undertaken by SCMZU and Hubei Technology Exchange, was broadcast live on Changjiangyun and Taobao. Wang Wei, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Hubei Science and Technology Department; Ge Lin, Deputy Director of Hubei Science and Technology Department; President Li Jinlin of SCMZU; and Vice President Du Dongyun of SCMZU, participated in the live streaming.

The two-hour live streaming attracted nearly 700,000 viewers, through which 10 scientific and technological achievements were bought by 258 enterprises and technology brokers with an estimated conversion amount of 167 million yuan. Mr. Chen Qiansheng, director of Institute of Scientific Development, serving as the anchor of the live streaming, introduced 10 representative achievements of SCMZU with Lu Juquan, an alumni of SCMZU and Director of Jiadao Private Capital, and Meng Zhe, a technology broker of Hubei Technology Exchange.

2020 “Kehui” Action Online Promotion of University Achievements in Science and Technology——SCMZU special activity. Photo by Lan Yongli

SCMZU selected 412 high-quality scientific and technological achievements that meet the recent demand of enterprises and market. The 10 achievements promoted through the live streaming cover a wide range of areas and are closely related to people's daily life, so they made the live streaming studio extremely lively. The highest bid was placed by 47 bidders for the drone silent surveillance and effective defense technology; the second and third highest bids were placed on the technology in the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, a complication of diabetes, and the Chinese culture map database respectively.

In an interview, Li Jinlin said, SCMZU has responded to the call of the nation to continuously promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, and has formed its own characteristics and advantages. SCMZU adheres to scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation, takes the initiative to align with the national major strategic layout and the strategic layout of regional and industrial development in Hubei Province, has gathered a large number of high-level talents, produced a number of landmark scientific research results, and gained its own advantages in chemical materials, information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, life sciences, medicine and other fields.

Li Jinlin showed displayed the scientific and technological achievements of SCMZU to the media.

Photo by Lan Yongli

Li Jinlin said that the live streaming had fully displayed SCMZU’s advanced scientific and technological achievements. It served as a bridge between SCMZU and the society, and has laid a solid foundation for deepening school-enterprise cooperation and promoting the commercialization of SCMZU's scientific and technological achievements in the future.

It is reported that the 2020 “Kehui” Action Online Promotion of University Achievements in Science and Technology was carried out through live streaming under the guidance of the director of Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the presidents of universities in Hubei whose job is to “serve” scientists and entrepreneurs, strengthen the implementation of policies, and optimize services for innovation and entrepreneurship. SCMZU has always adhered to the school-running principle of Three Orientation and Three Service, shouldered its social responsibility, constantly innovated its institutional mechanism, fully utilized the advantages of talents and resources, motivated its scientific and technological workers to push back the frontiers of science and technology and at the same time devote themselves to the conversion of scientific and technological innovation and achievements. SCMZU encourages its scientific and technological workers to conduct scientific and technological research in a down-to-earth manner, make constant innovation and exploration through tenacious efforts, and strive to meet the major needs of the country and regional economic and social development, especially to the economic restructuring of Hubei province, the development of Hubei’s free trade zones, the development of the Wuling Mountain areas and poverty alleviation. SCMZU has been praised for its great contribution by Hubei provincial government for many years.

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